Thursday, January 12, 2012

You've Got Mail!

This is my mailbox.  Just a plain, old metal mailbox that doesn't lock or anything.  It is across the street from my house because for some reason the mail truck doesn't stop on this side of the street.  It is one of the disadvantages of living out here.  I like the locking regulation post office neighborhood boxes but they aren't available out here.  I always worry that someone will just take my mail, not that I ever get anything except junk mail and occasionally my magazines. The weeks before Christmas 3 women were doing just that...stealing mail, except they were following delivery trucks and picking up packages left on porches mostly, although they were taking mail as well.  They were targeting a wealthier part of town than my area.  Every year or two some crazy teenagers or demented person decides to put pipe bombs in mailboxes here.  Since I live on a rural road off a major highway I sometimes worry about things like that.  Today when I went to the mailbox and opened it this is what I saw...roughly the same size as the interior of my mail box.  A white styrofoam box wedged in there, resembling the thing I put over my outside faucets to keep them from freezing.
 I was a little alarmed since I have not ordered anything in months.  I couldn't see a label of any kind ... just white styrofoam and box tape was visible.  I worried for about half a second then stuck my hand in there and pulled it out.  LOL! The week after Christmas I took my grandkids to Portrait Innovations to have their picture made.  With a coupon you got 40 pictures plus a mug with the photo on it for $9.99.  The photos were available immediately but the mug had to be mailed to you. I had totally forgotten about the mug. Yep! A mug, not a mail box bomb!  I am going to put in in my "presents" box and save for my grandsons to give their mom at Mother's Day(My daughter doesn't read my blog.)
Do you have a "presents" know, where you pick up things on clearance or whatever throughout the year and save for someone's birthday or something? 

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