Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday 01.11.12

   Today I received an issue of New Mexico Magazine in the mail today.  I just love opening the mailbox and finding a magazine.  You never know when they are coming so it is just a nice surprise!    

   And seed catalogs.  They are starting to arrive too!  After last summer's horrible heat and drought I decided I would not even attempt a garden this year...or flower beds.  Definitely not roses.  Grass, I wish. I talked to a landscaping contractor who told me he would give me an estimate on sodding the yard again but really, he suggested I wait another year.  He says "they" expect this coming summer to be as hot and dry as last year...which was the worst in history....Lordy, that 100+ weather all summer, no rain and hot wind just about killed everything... and if that happens rationing or abolishing watering of lawns will be a given since we were only allowed to water on specific days last year...and any newly sodded lawn not watered at least 4 times a day every day in our heat will just die.    Well, we will just blow up and dry away.  But oh, those seed catalogs are so gorgeous! 

      Well hot dog!  I got something done off my resolutions list!  I bathed the dogs last night.  They are so good.  Haven't gotten poor Gracie groomed yet.  Becky called while I was bathing dogs and fussed at me because Gracie hasn't been groomed but the weatherman keeps threatening snow.  This is the longest Gracie has gone between groomings but she is so cold natured.  For a treat after their bath they got to share a  tamale.  That wasn't really intentional...I had planned on giving them a dog cookie but I had warmed myself up some tamales for dinner and dropped one so they got it instead.  They liked it and thought the rest of the tamales ought to be for them too.  Why do I drop everything??? I don't know...I just drop things...I am talented that way.   
   And now, I have some burning, important questions:  (and no, I really don't expect anyone to answer)
  • On David Letterman at the beginning of the show when it looks like David running across the stage? Are we suppose to believe that is him? 
  • In the lost and found column of the Amarillo Sunday paper there are always lots and lots of lost dogs. Does it strike anyone else as maybe a clue that every single one of them list the dog's description followed by "no collar"?
  • Why are caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire of such importance?  Is it just me or do you think the residents of those states really represent the majority of the spectrum of voters? Clearly % of black, Hispanic, Asian, anyone-but-white-voters alone is probably limited. But then, politics makes me twitch anyway.
  • Do you personally know anyone who ever won Publishers Clearing House?
  • If Discover, American Express, etc saved the paper, administrative and postage costs of all the "you are pre-qualified for" ads they send out each week and instead donated that money to food banks how many hungry people could they feed? Because if someone wants a credit card they are going to apply all by themselves.
And on a sad note, the high school principal out here in my area just passed away yesterday in hospice.  She was only 45.  She had knee surgery two weeks ago and 2 days later developed a blood clot in her lung.  You just never know when your last day is so go tell someone you love them.

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~It's Just Me~ said...

Attempt #5 - Your blog comment section is being finicky again in not letting me comment. :) The arrival of seed magazines sets my inner gardener and spring cleaner going 90 to nothing as well! Yay, for your resolution achievement! I was beginning to look at resolutions as a jinx on any goal after reading your blog. Also, kinda freaky to me about how we seem to be involved in similar activities at nearly the same time. If you say you tied up your Gracie's hair over her eyes with an elastic today, I will begin to wonder if you are my twin in the universe. lol!