Monday, January 2, 2012

Fritos, anyone??

Friday my grandsons were spending the night with me.  On the way to my house we decided we would stop at a redbox and get a movie and get something to eat for dinner.  In Amarillo TX the best BBQ place is a little shop on Paramount St about 2 blocks south of I-40 called Tyler's old Long John Silvers building painted barn red.  My daughter-in-law works there and makes the best potato salad ever. Her boss makes the best chopped brisket bbq.  Closed Sunday and Mondays.  And NO, the owner, Tyler, nor my daughter-in-law know that I sing their praises all the time but if you go in say Kali's mother-in-law sent you because I said she makes the best potato salad and cobbler.  Anyway, they have a kids meal that is a drink, a side, a chopped brisket sandwhich w/bbq sauce for $2.99.  My grandsons both got pkgs of fritos as their "side."  It takes about 20 minutes to get from there out to my house plus we were going to stop for a movie so I told the boys to go ahead and start eating in the car while I drove.  By the time we stopped at a Walgreens to get a movie they had finished eating.  Neither one finished their fritos but not believing you should force kids to eat I told them they didn't have to eat them if they were full.  Ok. We get out at the redbox to choose a movie and a homeless man was standing there.  He offered us help in how to operate the machine but other than that he left us alone.  When I got in the car he followed me and said to me that he was starving and did I have any money I could spare.  I told him no but we have some fritos....would you like to have these fritos? (thinking if I was starving fritos would sound good to me) and he got this look on his face like I had really offended him and said "Fritos??? Oh  HELL NO!"  and walked off.  Fine then.  My grandsons had them later with some bean dip I had and it was a pretty good snack.  This particular street in town has a lot of panhandlers (beggers) and I never give them money any more.  There is a McDonald's across the street from the Walgreens where we were getting the movie and they often have panhandlers that approach people in the drive up line (until a manager realizes it and then comes out and runs them off).  Once I grabbed the change out of my console....a bunch of pennies and a few silver coins....and gave to a man there behind McDonalds and he griped about getting pennies.  I thought right then you know what?... pennies add up and I just won't do it any more.  If they have a dog with them I will buy the dog a $1 plain hamburger, drive around and then ask if I can give it to the dog...on the days I have a spare $1......rarely happens now that I don't work any more.  A KFC is across the side street and one night a panhandler approached my car in the drive up line after dark startling me when he rapped on my window and I complained to the manager who glared at me and said "it haaaaa-ppens" and walked off.  I don't go there any more.  Guess I won't offer anyone fritos any more either. 


~It's Just Me~ said...

I have had some very hungry days in my life. I would think Fritos would be considered quite the prize by someone that was truly hungry. It is so hard to tell who needs and who is just scamming these days though.

Carol said...

I know! He just wanted some beer money I think!