Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Love Kohls

Dear, dear Kohl' do I love thee, let me count the ways.  You send me 10, 15 or 30 % coupons all the time.  You give me Kohl's bucks if I spend money at your store.  You have wonderful clearance sales (recently I got the cutest little jeans and denim shorts for my granddaughter for ONE DOLLAR) And since my birthday is coming up you sent me a $10 gift card.  I took it and a 15% off coupon and went shopping today.  I intended to buy a Playtex bra, $30 on sale for $14.99...with my 15% off coupon making it a little over $12...what a deal!  I like to get clothes at Goodwill and the Downtown Women's Center Thrift Store, but not some things, like bras and shoes. Anyway, with tax my bra would have been $13.79 but I had the $10 gift card so....$3.79!!!!! Wonderful! And since it has been years since I bought a new bra I really needed one.  But, being a crazy person, did I stop with my $4 bra? Nooooo, Kohl's knows they can lure me in with a gift card and coupon and a charge card and I will see something else I just have to have.  You know what? It is OK.  I don't have a husband to buy me gifts so I have to do it for myself and I need pampering every now and again.  I never buy alcohol.  I never buy drugs.  I never go on a trip. I never go to a movie theater. I never go to a play. or concert. or anything fun that I can think of. I don't buy lots of clothes, junk, stuff for my house. I don't buy books (but my library card is continually in use).  I don't waste gas money going on rides around the panhandle & over to New Mexico that I would love to do. My daughter cut my hair for me for my Christmas present from her.  She cut off 3 inches.  I haven't had a haircut since June of 2010 so obviously I am not spending money on hairstyles, makeup, mani/pedis/spas/massages, waxing (altho I wish my eyebrows would just all fall out--hate'm).  If I see something I want at Kohl's it is one of the few things I allow myself and for which I don't feel a bit guilty over.  So, what else did I get? 

no, I don't have a new dog. My grand-dog, Andy, is spending the night
Well, if you are familiar with Kohl's you know they have books and stuffed animals right at the registers and the proceeds goes to a children's charity.  The stuffed animals and the books are $5.00 each.  A hardback book for $5 is a darn good deal and I think books are the only presents just about that I will give to kids so I got Taylor a book and a bear.  I am going to put them in a plastic box to keep them dust free and clean and save for probably her 4th birthday. I have several books that I have put back for her when she is older.  Until then I am buying her cardboard page books that do not tear. 

So far I have bought her 27 cardboard page books.  We read books every day and she looks at them throughout the day too.  A major book chain here sells used books at a greatly discounted price.  They have a black marker line over the top of the pages and a peel off "used book" sticker so you can identify which ones are "used."  Some are obviously used books but I only buy the ones that look absolutely brand new and for a couple of bucks.  I don't know why the ones that look brand new are marked used unless they are some they have purchased from another store's inventory or something.  After working in a library for 20 years I know what a book looks like that has been used, even a little.  I picked up several lift the flap books for Taylor that the flaps were still stuck down, never have been lifted.   Anyway, as I see what new books Kohl's has out for the month I pick one up and stick back for Taylor when she is older since they are always regular hardback picture books.  I don't always get the stuffed animal, cute as they always are.  A kid needs only so many stuffed animals so, hard as it is, I resist most of the time.  And I don't get a book every month.  I try to stay away from Kohl's, Target, the mall so I am not tempted to buy something but if I am there I check to see what books they have.  I resisted the ones they had in December although they had several wonderful books.  I just closed my eyes and gritted my teeth and passed them by.   Today, the bear spoke to me and I got one, along with the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?   It has also become aware to me that I really need a larger purse.  I need to carry a few more things (my sister is laughing because she knows what I mean).  I love Kohl's purses.  I love fixing a new purse too.  I never, ever, ever would dream of paying retail for anything.  If it isn't on sale I don't get it because everything is eventually on sale. Plus I want a coupon that pays at least the sales tax and then some! :) I found a purse I absolutely LOVED.  First thing you need to know about me is that color is important. I need color in my life.  I am not a basic black type person.  Well, here was a purse, leather but sort of denim blue color, with an outside zipped pocket for my cell and another that my camera would fit in...two things I never leave home without....and about twice the size of my current little purse.  Loved it! The dadgum thing was $99.00.  I would not spend $99 on a purse for any occasion!!!  This particular line was on one get one half price but that was not good enough for me....2 purses for the low, low price of $150???? Not me!!    I found another one I liked...$59 on sale for $29.50 plus I had that 15% off coupon so that brought it down to $25.  Still alot for me to spend on a purse but it's my birthday this month.  I spend more than that on a tank of gas that is gone in two weeks and I have nothing to show for it.  And it was purple! One of my favorite colors! Did I say I need color in my life? I really do.  A purple purse is just plum perfect!!!   Then, this is the really crazy purchase but my head gets cold when I am leaving my home at 6:50 a.m. to go take care of Taylor and it is below freezing outside and I have been thinking I am an old lady now, I can wear a hat if I dadgum want to.  I bought a hat.  Regular price was $38 on sale for $13.30 and with my coupon that brought it down to $11.31.  It is wool. It is warm. And it is red!!! No :( I do not belong to a red hat club. I wish I did.  Years ago when I first turned 50 I invited people to be in a chapter of the Red Hat Club with me but it didn't work out.  No one could ever get together at the same time other than a handful of get togethers.  I have always, always wanted to belong to a group of a few woman who all get along, are like minded, to be friends forever, to get together and go do something but just hasn't ever happened for me.  Oh well, I can wear a red hat if I want to.  My granddaughter will think it is awesome!
would you let this woman babysit your kids????


~It's Just Me~ said...

Happy Birthday this month Carol! I love your red hat, it makes you look very cheerful and fun natured! I am certain your granddaughter will also love it! ^^ I am also at the mercy of color, pink being one of my personal weaknesses; only I carry a backpack instead of a purse. ^^

Carol said...

Oh I love pink too! I don't knit but when I am looking around in Michaels or Walmart and stumble across the yarn all the soft baby pink yarn just yells at me "look at me, how soft and cuddly I am, you know you would love me!"