Thursday, January 5, 2012


     Just finished South of Superior by Ellen Airgood....a very good novel.  I can hardly wait until this author writes something else.  Tonight I am going to start reading the Steve Jobs bio. 
     I don't know what is wrong with me....I think I suddenly have money or something. It is those dadgum resolutions!!! Well, that and I had my grandsons and we were out running around.  Well, that and I have just felt tired and worn out and going through the drive up is easier than cooking for one person.  Well, that and I need to clean the kitchen.  I haven't cooked but every flat surface is covered in something...all kinds of stuff I have just left sitting instead of putting away like old styrofoam coke cups I am saving to plant seedlings in this spring, groceries I bought and need to put up, cleaning supplies from me shampooing carpet and cleaning the bathroom....and the kitchen table???  Haven't seen the top of it in just forever.  Books, clean dishes from where I was cleaning out cabinets and stopped, newspaper, a box of Christmas cards I never sent out, bags of chips, boxes of popcorn, a bag of cereal and other stuff from when my grandsons spent the weekend.   I have gone weeks and weeks without eating fast food in the past 6 months but since January 1st I have eaten fast food every single day except the 1st, but I ate out that day too....just healthy.  And Dr Pepper???!!!  I have had one, if not TWO, every day.  And guess what?! All that fast food and Dr Pepper made me gain 5 lbs in 5 days
   Today I bought me a new pair of jeans.  I had to go see my caseworker at the mental health clinic and I wanted to wear something other than the sweats I wear most days.  I am such a big spender....$13.88 at Wal-Mart but the great news is I really needed them.  I have been wearing one of two pairs, a size 18W and a size 16W, both of which I could take off without unzipping or undoing the snap.  Today I was able to buy a pair of regular misses size 14!!!   Had I bought them last Saturday before I gained those 5 lbs I probably could have gotten a misses size 12!  Woo-hoo!!!  
   It is always somethin' around this house.  When it rained all day in December three of my windows leaked like sieves.  My son has promised to come caulk them sometime.  I wanted the water that had to have run down the inside of the walls to have a chance to dry before having him come do it.  It was a beautiful day today... upper 60's and sunny but it is suppose to snow on Sunday and Monday.  Now the wind has caught my screen door and this is what that thing .... don't know what it is called .... looks aren't even suppose to see that spring!  The metal arm is bent at almost a 45 degree angle so how it looks in this picture IS it's new "the door is closed" position.  I am about to get a screwdriver and remove it. 
    On Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning they were talking about B-12 giving Hoda so much energy!  Well, I could use some energy so while at Wal-Mart buying my jeans I got a bottle of B-12, 100 tablets of 500 mcg for less than $3.  Since I am starting my other vitamins and supplements as well this week I won't know if it is the B12 or not if I get some energy going but oh, well.....I am going to give it a try.  Hoda had a liquid that she dropped under her tongue but I didn't see that at Wal-Mart so I got the tablets. 


Anonymous said...

Do some before and after pictures that will make cleaning up the kitchen much more fun and we can be so proud of you. wow! I am so proud of you size 14 you have inspired me! If you have duct tape you can duct tape the outside of the window to keep water out...have to be careful it won't lead residue... the water can really give you a big mold problem come summer... Have a super night and I gain 8 pounds and unfortunately we are still eating...

Carol said...

Hi Kathleen! Taking before pics is a good idea! i am just pretty darn excited about those size 14 jeans. And mostly that they are regular jeans not women's!