Friday, January 13, 2012

Fast Food

   I should never have made those resolutions! I just jinxed myself I think.  Today my granddaughter and I were having such a good day and then she tripped over the wooden blocks she had thrown all over the playroom.  She was a sleepy, tired 13 month old who had missed her morning nap and then she tripped and face-planted right in the middle of the blocks.  She suffered a cut on her cheek....her very first bleeding boo-boo ever, and another red mark over her eyebrow.  I imagine by tomorrow she will have a black eye!  It was barely a scratch but it bled a little and her whole little cheek and forehead was red.  She just cried for a minute.  It probably hurt me more than it did her.  I was so upset that she got hurt on my watch that I went to Sonic on the way home and got a hamburger, tator tots, a Dr Pepper AND a chocolate shake!

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