Sunday, January 22, 2012

Donut Stop ~ Amarillo's Best Donuts

Regular chocolate covered donuts and then 2 of the
scrawnier chocolate chip cake donuts....both delicious!
Yet again I have spent most of the day (Saturday) under at least one blanket, or 3, still pestered by the shivers for some reason.  My sister and I have decided it is most likely my faulty thyroid.  Monday I will see the psychiatrist and ask if she thinks it could be a side effect of the new med and if not I will get my thyroid level checked and that med adjusted.   Evidently, especially for January, it was a beautiful day outside and I am the only one who is freezing.  I got out of bed several times and got on the computer, made hot green tea, threw in a load of laundry, watched the news (The wind thinks spring is already here and is blowing as such. The weatherman actually said something to the effect that wind gusts were only 49 mph today and any day it is under 50 mph is a good day here). I finally took Gracie to be groomed and while I was out I stopped at our local donut store and got a dozen donuts.  Like I need a donut (and for some reason this month I have thought it was ok to spend money...good grief).  Both my daughters and my grandsons were suppose to be here today (but only one daughter made it) so I needed donuts for my grandsons.  That's my story.  Since I spent the majority of the day in bed under blankets my oldest daughter and my grandsons didn't come. Sigh.  Me. Casey. A dozen donuts.  Amazingly enough, we each only ate two.  Casey and I both read a series of cozy mysteries recently in which the main character owns a bakery.  That started the donut cravings for both of us.  On the way to babysit every morning I hear the donut store's commercials and see their billboards.  They have a contest.....dream up a new flavor of donut and if they start producing it you get a free donut each week for life, or some such thing.  Well, they have been advertising a chocolate covered yellow cake donut with chocolate chips a little boy suggested.  Then I read a book and the main character seemed to be going and buying a donut on every other page.   The dog groomer's shop is only a few blocks from one of the donut stores so I couldn't resist.  Yes, it was a pretty good donut, that chocolate covered chocolate chip donut, but not nearly as good as the raspberry filled donut I ate first!

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