Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reporting In, and Adding To My Resolutions

How did I do this week? Terrible!  I blew it on every single resolution.  Since I did so well (Ha!) with a dozen I am going to add two more items. 
13. Make a weekly menu so I know what I am suppose to eat, not let myself buy any fast food because I know I have something at home and prepare ahead what I can so I grab a plastic container of carrots instead of a handful of cinnamon gum drops (but I did get them after Christmas for 75% off and I love them)
14. Organize my photos weekly online.  I seldom ever print a photo any more, I just pull them up and look at them on the computer but it sure is hard and time consuming when I go to look for them.  I am going to make folders for granddaughter, grandsons, a folder for each of my children, dogs, home & garden, and others as required.  That way when I want a photo of my dog Gracie I won't have to look through 9,000 pics of my kids and grandkids hoping I come across it.  I take a lot of digital photos.  I have something like 9,000 stored on Shutterfly.  When I want a particular photo that I remember it takes forever to try to guess when I would have taken it and then find it.  I am also going to weekly make sure I have my favorites saved on a disc, flashdrive or on Shutterfly. You do know NOT to only keep your photos on your computer because it WILL crash and when it does those photos will be forever gone, right?
  This week I way overdid it on Dr Pepper but at the same time I did make an effort to see that I drank alot of water as well.     

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