Monday, January 2, 2012


    I finished a book last night and just finished a second one.  The first was the best of the two.  It was not a mystery, what I almost always read, but a novel by Lisa Patton called Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter.  I can hardly wait to get the sequel, Yankee Doodle Dixie.  I am a southern woman and like stories that take place in the south.  The other book was okay, a cozy mystery called The Body in the Gabezo, I believe #18 in the series by Katherine Page.  
   My daughters and my grandsons spent the afternoon with me.  We had pizza & cokes for lunch and the boys watched a kid movie in my bedroom and the girls and I watched The Help in the living room.  Casey and I had seen it before but I just love it. The book was, of course, better.  
   I haven't mentioned the dobermans and pitbulls next door in quite a while.  Today I told the girls that I had not seen the 2 pit bulls since the police were over there a while back.  The police were there for a couple of hours one day...I don't know why but it sure was a long police visit. I was hoping that while they were there the police had mentioned that they were way over the limit for pets in a household and maybe the pitbulls found a new home.  I was wrong.  When my daughter was loading her laundry in her car tonight one of the pitbulls was not only there, but out of the fence and in my driveway.  My daughter came in and said she knew why I had not seen the female pitbull----she had obviously been inside the neighbor's house during the cold weather having puppies.  The formerly fat dog was now skinny and she obviously was a nursing mother.  It wasn't that long ago they had a litter of dobermans.   Good grief!!!!
   Oh, remember I told you I had 6" of snow on Christmas day and a beautiful white Christmas? or maybe I didn't blog about it since I wasn't on the computer much last week...well, anyway this is normal weather change for any time in Amarillo....6 inches of snow on Christmas and 4 days later it was 70 degrees!  We have weather changes like that all the time.  This entire week is suppose to be warm and nice, in the 50's & 60's, then with a chance of snow on Sunday.  YAY! I won't have to get up extra early to scrap ice off the car windows this week.  If you don't like the weather around here just wait a minute and it will be something different. 
not groomed :(

LOL! I am going to have to get Gracie groomed!  She is my little black schnauzer.  It has been months since I had her groomed and then the weather got real cold.  She is just a cold natured girl, and spent too much time living on the streets during one of the coldest spells Amarillo has had a few years back before she got picked up by the dog pound and then I adopted her.  She hates cold weather.  Well, I was afraid she would freeze if I got her hair all cut off this month since it has been pretty cold but this afternoon Gracie got on the couch and snuggled down by my daughter.  Casey said Mom, she has to go to the groomer's---I can't tell which end is which!  Yep! Gracie is jet black and just a ball of fur.  Right after Casey said that I downloaded pictures my other daughter had on her camera and there was this picture of a groomed Gracie...doesn't look anything like she looks now.  Guess I will call the groomer tomorrow.

groomed :) and YES, this is the same dog, just what she looks like
under that winter fur coat she is wearing in the photo above. 
Don't worry, Gracie, Momma's gonna
call the groomer this week!!!!


~It's Just Me~ said...

oooooooo, your Gracie shines up nice! I wish we had a good and trust worthy groomer near where I live for my Gracie (sorry about the name btw, still feeling badly I fell for it without realizing I got it from you). You know what they say, imitation is the highest form of compliment. :) As for the puppies next door, wow...just wow... O.o

Carol said...

I love it that your dog is named Gracie too! It is a sweet little girl name! Yep! My poor Gracie cleans up nice! Bless her heart. I haven't called a groomer yet. And the pit bull puppies next door...just wow is about the best any of us can say. At least the female doberman doesn't look pregnant I guess!!!