Sunday, January 8, 2012

Adding One More

My sister and I agreed to make resolutions and then report in each Sunday on how well we did.  Actually the resolutions were her idea and the reporting in was mine because I know how well I do on my own so I thought having to be accountable would help.....sort of like knowing you are going to have to weigh in at Weight Watchers (and that is why their program works).  She was perfect and I totally blew it....LOL! the lifelong story of our lives.  She works, I don't yet she found time to do all those things and I know what my problem is so I am adding resolution #15...limit my time on the computer.  I waste more dadgum time on this computer.  Mahjongg...I can play it for hours.  I think I will limit myself to 6 games.  Farkle 6.  Check my email, once a day.  Read useless info...try to just stop altogether (do I really need to know the identity of the body found on the Queen's estate over Christmas? or how many articles like  "7 Steps to Dealing With Clutter" do I need to read when what I really need to do is just get up and put a box a cereal in the cabinet and pick up the next thing)


Anonymous said...

Just look at yourself in the mirror. You are perfect in every way, and I love you just as you are.

Carol said...

LOL! Thank you! yes I am! well, except for a few tiny flaws :)