Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Zoe in her crate. She didn't get a bath but her crate got cleaned.
 Last night I washed her bedding and my grandson vacuumed
 the sand out of the bottom of the crate.
I said I would report in on Sundays...well, that only gave me less than 24 hours to keep my resolutions but actually for 24 hours I did keep some of them.  I did NOT have even one sip of Dr Pepper, or any other soda today.  I drank at least 72 oz of water and I only ate one meal today but I ate healthy.  My youngest son called me when he got off work and we decided to go get something to eat.  By the time I picked him up it was 4 p.m. and neither of us had eaten all day so we agreed we needed some serious food.  We went to Texas Roadhouse and I had an 8 oz sirloin, very well done, a baked potato with butter, a salad with thousand island dressing and I had 4, yes, 4 delicious, wonderful, fluffy dinner rolls.  I drank water.  We had a really good visit.  My son had finished his meal and I just had a few bites left when the fire alarms in the restaurant went off, along with some incredibly bright strobe lights.  A server walked by our table and said there was no fire and they were working on getting those alarms turned off and like dummies all of us in the place just sat there and chewed our steak.   Why...the second the alarms went off....did we not all jump up and run out of the restaurant???  I don't know.  The music in there was so loud I actually noticed the strobe lights first, then realized the annoying alarm noise wasn't part of the music but I looked at the people around us and they weren't moving.  Trey and I wondered if it was an alarm or what ...they had just made a lot of noise for some one's birthday...was this something else like that? It was just moments before the server said it was the fire alarms but they were trying to get it turned off. No, the place was not on fire, he did not know what the problem was.  We left shortly after the server announced there was no fire and as we walked to the door I thought this place is full of patrons, mostly wood decor, walking space was narrow....had the place been on fire and all of us trying to rush out we would have been in trouble.  I am more troubled though, that we all just sat there looking around for someone to move first, I guess.  Back to resolutions...
  1. cut down on cokes.....I drank zilch!  Yay!
  2. listen to music......uh, I listened to the radio in the car for maybe 20 minutes
  3. write down every penny I spent......not yet, but I saved receipts and the night is not over yet
  4. eat healthy....yes I did!! no sugar or junk food at all today!
  5. drink water.... I sure did, that is all I drank all day and I made the effort to keep a glass of ice water by my chair all day long
  6., haven't even drug out the basket of bottles yet
  7. read something spiritual/inspirational.....not yet, but the night is not over
  8. work on sign language.....nope
  9. fold, but I have to before tomorrow. I dumped it all on my daughter's bed and she is coming to clean out that room tomorrow
  10. housework.....I should not have done a thing since it is Sunday but I totally messed up on the "I should keep the Sabbath holy thing" by doing multiple things, like eating out and I cleaned up my living room, and shampooed the living room and hall carpet for the 3rd time in two days (mud, we have a muddy yard and 8 paws).
  11., but I plan to do this before I go to sleep
  12. bathe the dogs this, but I did get their crate and bedding cleaned.  Shoot, I barely got ME a bath today.
But, considering I only had 20 hours or so to work with, and considering it is ME we are talking about, I think I did pretty good for one day. I can not even remember the last day when I didn't have a coke.

I had not done anything about the layer of dust on the leaves of this
plant in a long time so I took a spray bottle and drenched every leaf
in an attempt to remove some of the dust.  Where I live I am surrounded
by dirt and the wind blows between 10 - 30 mph most of the day, on a calm day
 plus my cheapy trailer house leaks..... thus dust in the house is a constant battle.
This is my angel granddaughter in her Texas Tech cheerleader outfit with the little 4 wheeler Santa brought her.   She absolutely loves that thing!  He did good!!

I dusted, filled a milkglass dish my sister gave me with cinnamon
 potpourri I got at 75% off after Christmas and got out my valentine
 plate because I like it.

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~It's Just Me~ said...

I think you did very good! You are really too hard on yourself. {{{hugs}}}