Monday, January 23, 2012

Thoughts on entries in this article....

High winds cause damage Amarillo Globe-News       <------ click here to read the article and see the photos.  The kennel I wrote about yesterday that burned last Feb .... the owners are rebuilding in the same location. In yesterday's windstorm what had been rebuilt was damaged (there is a photo). They must feel like they can't win for losing.  RE: the gentleman parking his truck on top of his blown off metal roof ... that was a pretty good idea to keep it from blowing further and hurting someone.  See, I told you 18 wheeler tractor-trailer trucks get blown over here....this is the first one for 2012.  I am not a fan of camping so I don't really understand that desire anyway but really....a large wildfire was finally put out Saturday night, and then Sunday when it flared back up people that were camping close by had to be evacuated .... why on earth would you be camping there?  I mean, firetrucks were there all day Sunday to put out the hot spots.  The wind was blowing, and someone wanted to be in tent or camper close by???  Tip to people driving through here---if you see a duststorm like you can see in the distance behind the picture of the yellow mustang----don't drive into it.  I am glad no one was injured in the resulting pile-up.  Sometimes you just get caught up in it when the storm just suddenly hits and you can't avoid it as I am sure must have been what happened.  Last week we had a different wildfire causing alot of smoke to blow over a section of highway and caused a 16 car pile-up due to the dense smoke.  Having asthma I am always concerned with breathing conditions.  I felt for those poor people in the wreck----if the smoke was so thick you couldn't see can you imagine being stuck there in a wrecked car and trying to breath until rescue people could get you out?

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