Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ooops, I Did It Again!

01.03.2012                   I seriously do not know why I have carpet in my house.  A couple of weeks ago I dropped a full mug of hot chocolate in the living room.  This weekend I shampooed the carpet THREE times because the girls dragged in so much mud and then this afternoon I dropped a 32 oz Dr Pepper right in the middle of the living room.  My grandkids, my daughter and I had just had lunch at McDonald's and before we left my grandson had refilled my cup.  I got about 3 feet in the living room before somehow I dropped the whole thing.   The dogs are attacking it because last summer when we had weeks and weeks of over 100 degree temperatures I let the girls have ice cubes all the time.  They haven't had any ice cubes in a while so when a huge cup of them landed in the floor right in front of them they were ready! 
The kids had a good time.  I fed Tay carrots and mashed potatoes at home first but she had some french fries and part of the bun from my McChicken.  I love McChickens with no condiments or veggies, just bread and chicken, and only a dollar!!!  i think making resolutions ruined me....I have eaten out every day this year.....I will have to eat beans and cornbread for the rest of the month for sure! And as far as eating healthy...oh brother!  On New Years Day my son and I ate at a steak place which was ok but on Monday I got pizza for lunch with my daughters and grandsons and I had leftover pizza for dinner...both with Dr Pepper of course. Today we had McDonald's for lunch and for dinner I got a bbq sandwich, again both with Dr Pepper.  Good grief! I don't think I ate out this many times in the entire month of December.  Tomorrow is going to be a no Dr Pepper or eating out day. 


KMOthus Art said...

Hey Carol,

You so good in your post and I am so happy you are back too.

You know you have plywood under the carpet. You could always have linoleum put in cheap or stain your wood floors and clear polyurethane over them that is what is real popular now la natural:) When we had our floors redone we almost just pull up the carpet and just leave the floor natural but were not sure how to take the carpet off from under the bed.

You know the floor the guys laid still wrinkle so if you want to know where we are getting the money when I asked them to honor their the warranty they gave me back all the money I had spent on the floors.

Time is all I have and if we didn't get the money back I told David I will go back to work and I will till then I going to spend money on stuff which means I should lose weight because I won't have as much money for Walmart:)

Love the cup cakes

carol said...

LOL! Wal-Mart is OUR store, isn't it!!?! I have always said I could live just about anywhere as long as there is a library and a Wal0Mart supercenter!!! I am thinking linoleum would be a good idea for me. My son's are going to check on prices for me in case I decide to pull this carpet up, or rather when I decide.

~It's Just Me~ said...

Oh, your poor carpet! My dogs go nuts for those ice cubes too. Speaking of which, my daughter's Aussie was in the bath tub tonight. She was just lying there so I asked her if she was okay. She jumped up and started asking me to turn on the water, then just went nuts biting the water while it was pouring. Since we give our dogs bottled water, I wondered where she learned that from? It was the funniest thing though. LOL!

Carol said...

LOL! Aren't dogs just the greatest entertainment!