Thursday, January 12, 2012

Besides Kohls, I Also Love Shutterfly---I got a present from them too!

     I store thousands of photos on Shutterfly.  Throughout the year they send me free prints, special offers and the like.  Right after my granddaughter's first birthday I ordered a photo book from Shutterfly.  I had been working on it all year .. photos of my granddaughter from birth up until her birthday party.  Her birthday is in November and I knew they would have sales for Christmas.  I was able to order it at half price AND with free shipping!  For me, it was expensive but definitely the best money I have spent lately.  I know I probably won't live long enough to see her as an adult and I want her to know how much I loved her and how much fun we had together.  I have already started working on the next book.   Today, because I ordered that book (the only thing I have purchased in a couple of years) they sent me a code to get $20 off of anything I wanted to order.  I don't really need prints or anything else.  I like their photo calendars so I am going to make a photo calendar for myself.  I already bought my Mary Engelbreit calendar for this year and I thought about not using the $20 code because a calendar not on sale would still cost me $8 between the extra cost and shipping & handling.  Living on SS disability means I really need to be careful about money ... and  have got to learn to do a whole lot better.... but I decided I would go ahead and do it... that is 8 Dr Peppers from the convenience store that I don't need to drink anyway.  THANK YOU, Shutterfly!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol
It is great to see you happy. I have a question why do you feel you will not live long enough to see your grand daughter grown? The man that lived next to us a few years ago had so many operations and cheated death lots of times. He told me once... I never thought I would live into my 70s and here I am still kicking:)I hope you live long enough to see your great grand child. Have a super happy day.