Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love These Things!

Paula Deen and I....we need to change our diets....but I suspect we are stuck in our ways.  .I love ice cream and often eat a bowl before I go to bed.  I know, full of fat, but life is short.  However, I have tried to cut down and started eating these things every evening.  LOVE them!   They are really good.  I can just imagine how refreshing they will be this summer when it is 100 degrees.  I have tried peach and strawberry.  I got them on sale, 2 boxes for $4, making each one 33 cents.  Well, who says you can't get much for 33 cents and 70 calories.  These are wonderful!  I'm thinking I could probably make my own but I don't think I could make them any cheaper.  Do you have a recipe for fruit bars or have you tried other flavors?

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Anonymous said...

Me too! I just love them and generally they are gone fast... I am weak what can I say... in the summer I told David if it gets real hot I am buying a baby pool and sitting in it under an umbrella and eat ice bars. (giggles what fun)

Just want you to know you inspired me a while back with the post about shadows... then I remember how my kids did that too... so cool.