Friday, January 27, 2012

I Hate My Mailbox

I left this morning a little before 7 a.m.  I got home at 5 p.m.  When I left this morning the maibox was shut.  When I got home it looked exactly like this:
  • did I get mail, the mailman not get the mailbox door closed and when the wind gusted to 40+ mph it managed to blow the box open and blow (LOL! air mail) my mail to Oklahoma?
  • did I get mail and someone walking down the street decide to open my mailbox and remove the mail, whatever it was?
  • did I not get any mail and the door just fall open?
  • since one of the symptoms of one of my diseases is excessive worry will I lay awake tonight and wonder what came in the mail that somebody else took???


~It's Just Me~ said...

Why do people do that?? My children once chased a pair of girls four blocks that had been stealing people's mail for weeks. The only reason they did not catch them is that the girls went beyond the area where my children were allowed to go. Grrrr! They never came back though. :) Maybe one of your neighbors saw what happened or had a similar experience?

Carol said...

On my side of the street---across from the mailbox---is the people with the pit bulls and dobermans and they aren't friendly. There is a house sort of close to the mailbox but they are gone in the day too. The next house down the street is beyond the creek. Across from me and behind the mailbox is a trailer park but they all face the other way.