Monday, June 13, 2011

This and That

Post # 67
Where I live it was 106 degrees today.  The morning glories tall enough to climb my fence were beautiful yesteday but today they look pretty sad. 

So far this month we have had 8 days over 100 degrees; and rain, what is that???? none here.

I saw my first butterfly of the summer today.

It was time to renew with my cell phone provider and I got a free new phone.  It came today.  I have no idea how to text, get to my address book or anything else.  If it rings I do know how to answer! i think. Will be spending some time with the little booklet tonight. Oh, and I lost all of the phone #s I had stored in my old phone so if you want me to have your phone number please email me or text me.

our first squash of the year

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