Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mom, I hate to tell you this

Post # 85  This morning my daughter, Casey, said Mom I hate to tell you this... (all mom's love to hear that followed by a pause, don't we?) .....  but your favorite greenhouse has every plant half price. She hated to tell me because money is not all that plentiful around here ... but see that Chinese quote on post # 81 ? I thoroughly live like that.   I said let me find my shoes.  I live on the far north edge of town and the greenhouse is wayyyy out of the city limits south going towards Palo Duro Canyon.  Between my house and the greenhouse there were garage sale signs at every intersection.  I love going to garage sales and it sure was hard not to stop .... I'm trying to de-clutter my house so bringing in stuff won't help. But bedding plants, I have room for bedding plants!  Did I mention that it was 109 DEGREES here yesterday?  But the greenhouse was full of shoppers ..... some of us just have to plant something, pour water on it, and hope to see a bloom or two. Besides, the weather man says we are going to have a cool front on Mon....this from our local  news station Saturday Evening
"Welcome to the weekend everyone! It's been another toasty day with temperatures in lower 100s in the southern Texas Panhandle though because of a surface cold front across the Oklahoma Panhandle highs were in the 90s. Tonight, winds will stay pretty calm with clear skies then we will wake up to a low of 71 in Amarillo. That front will start moving back to the north tomorrow as our winds blow from the southwest but they will be calmer than 25 miles per hour most of the day so the wildfire danger should stay lower than recently. The Texas Panhandle will see temperatures that threaten record highs Sunday afternoon so make sure to drink plenty of water and limit your time outdoors during the middle of the day. Monday, a cold front will come through and try to start some storms in the southern Texas Panhandle but the chances are remaining pretty low. High pressure in the upper levels will continue strong through this next week which means the heat is on and wildfire danger will be critical. Have a great weekend and try to stay cool!

Where you live does upper 90's indicate a "cold front"? really, that is what it says.   I want a cold front in the mid 70's and a 3 day drizzle.  Meanwhile, this is what I will be planting tonight after the sun goes down....a crape myrtle, knock out rose, verbenas, pentas, salvia, moss rose, geranium, a bell pepper, peppermint, clownflower, moneywort, vinca
Zoe and Gracie checking out what I brought home.
Doesn't green just look cooler than brown?

This is what the front yard looks like.  It is absolutely crawling with red ants so I tried to take a picture of them.  They don't stop and pose.

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