Sunday, June 26, 2011

111 degrees

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High today in Amarillo----111 degrees!  Portales is a little town about 100 miles away and they are serious about conserving water ..... hope it does not get this serious here although I am suprised it has not reached this ....... I will be sick if I have to let my garden and bedding plants die, not to mention my morning glories.  And the dogs' little squares of grass, oh man!  If we could just get some rain for our plants.  But until then I would rather conserve water now so we have water to DRINK!

no water for flowers
Portales, NM - Emergency water rationing is now in effect for parts of Eastern New Mexico. Starting June 26, the City of Portales is under the following restrictions...
No outdoor landscape water.
No car washing at your house
No filling up spas, pools or fountains
No washing off your driveway or the sidewalk.  If you do not follow the water rationing rules, the city will disconnect your water service.

no water for gardens?

or sod? Well, you do what you have
to do, conserve and then pray for rain.

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