Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where Did They Go?

Post #83
My niece just emailed me that she has been leaving me comments but that they have never shown up as posts. ---I'm glad to hear she has left comments---I would love to hear from anybody, but as to why they aren't posted ... that would be because they haven't shown up on my end, so I am very sorry, I would love to have received them.  I have checked my comments box, spam, comments to be moderated, don't see anything. We have to figure this out guys, so help me out please.  Everybody send me a comment whether it just says "I was here" or whatever so I can see what I need to do to see them.  Since I went back to posting to this blog June 7th I have received only 2 comments and one of those was from my daughter just today.  This blog is therapy for me, it doesn't bother me that no one wants to "follow" me or that apparently very few people read it (i know, i see that number 1540 or whatever but I just figured that is how many times I have gone to my blog :) because why down at the bottom I have a gadget that shows somebody was here and this is where they were from and it is never very many people a day) but re: comments----I tell ya, sometimes at 2 in the morning when I check my email and my blog and I haven't heard from anybody it makes we wonder if the Rapture occurred and I am the only one left behind!!  :)  And to those of you who read my blog, thank you, and come back any time.  Because of my depression and anxiety, and I am somewhat agoraphobic (somewhat??) this blog and email are basically the only ways I socialize so I would love comments, it would be like having a friend say "hey" (in Texas "hey" means "hi, how ya doing, good to see ya" in one little word...I don't know why.  It is like when we want to include several people we say "y'all" (rhymes with haul)---like if you are talking to 2 or 3 friends you would say "y'all want to go get a coke with me?" and if we are including everybody -- if your entire family were at your house you would say "all of y'all" like "there is strawberry shortcake in the fridge, so all of y'all go get some."   We are kinda general like that.  We don't call carbonated beverages soda or matter what it is we call it "coke" like Coca-Cola, but everybody knows THE drink in Texas is Dr Pepper.  We talk alot like Dr Phil.  You know he is just a good ole boy from Texas.   TEXAS, It is a different place, so I hear, but I don't know, I have always lived in Texas or New Mexico.  One more thing, having always lived in the south, for true southerners it takes us alot of words to say somethin' so that explains why I don't tweet!

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