Saturday, June 11, 2011

Andy's imagination!

Post # 65
I have had dogs all my life but Andy is such a character!  I never realized dogs had an imagination until Andy.  He has a stuffed dog that is his "baby"and he is a devoted papa.   Every night he decides it is bedtime and takes his baby and tucks him in Casey's bed, her laundry pile in the bedroom or sometimes Andy's dog bed and then Andy goes back to playing with Casey or his other toys.  Sometimes he takes his baby to the front door and looks at Casey like uh, my baby needs to go to the bathroom.  Obviously sometimes his baby is hungry because he will take him and leave him by the food dish and the in a little bit go back for him.  In Casey's living room the windows go all the way down to the floor.  He will get his baby and take him over to the window and leave him there while Andy goes back to whatever he was doing.  I am not sure if that means "ok, you guard the apartment for awhile" or if he thinks his baby needs to get some sun. One night he had tucked his baby in the corner of the couch under a blanket.  Andy started playing with a squeeky toy, squeeked it and then immediately swung his head around to look at his baby like "oh no! that squeek is gonna wake the baby!" then he jumped on the couch, grabbed his baby and took him to Casey's bed and then Andy went back to playing with his squeeky toy in the living room.    Andy just cracks me up and makes me laugh.

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