Wednesday, June 15, 2011

turned to dust, gone to OK

Post # 70  I live in the Texas panhandle.  Our forecast for the next few days...Thurs -104 degrees, Fri -105, Sat -103, Sun -100 and Mon -101 and no rain to speak of since the first of the year.  I may have to change the name of this blog to "the dried up and blew away to somewhere in Oklahoma house." My Knock Out Roses are crispy, the new tender shoots on the crepe myrtles are black, my verbena's leaves are gray and my morning glories are shriveled.  We really, really need some rain.   On a positive note I can not say enough good things about my self watering buckets.  Go to to see how to make them.  My veggies I planted in my buckets are doing great even in this heat. Since the next several days will be just too hot to venture outside I am going to be forced to clean house. I'm starting with my bedroom, also known as the catch-all may be days before I can dig my way out and post again.  I am in the middle of reading Par For the Corpse by T. Dawn Richard, a really good cozy mystery, and I am not going to let myself read another page until my room is spotless, fragrant, tidy and decluttered.  Gee, I hope the library will let me renew......

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