Saturday, June 18, 2011

watering with ice cubes

Post # 72  Gardening this summer has been a challenge.  Have I mentioned a dozen times that we need rain sooo bad?  In my quest to grow things in the horrible heat, drought, windblown area that I live in this is what I do for some plants....water with ice cubes.  I have two planters that consist of a long piece of rebar in the ground and pots strung on it at an angle.  Problem is since they are angled and clay pots and even moisture control potting soil can't seem to hold any water I place ice cubes in the pot in the hopes it will sink in to the roots before it evaporates. My verbenas seem to appreciate it.

In my flowerbeds and the portion of my garden that is planted directly in the ground I water by hand so that water only goes where the seeds or plants are growing.
When my grandsons and I plant anything we stick a stick in the ground so we know where we planted a seed so we only water that spot.  Some guys are remodeling the house next door.  I am sure they have gone home and said to their wive's "there is this demented old lady that stuck sticks in the ground and waters them.......must think she is going to grow trees!" That is ok, I like to think any amusement they get from the row of sticks I water makes up for the barking my dogs do at them all day! :) 
And I have high hopes for the veggies in my self watering buckets.  Love'm! Water goes in the bottom bucket, green stuff grows out the top bucket.  Note to year recut the watering holes so they are the hose!  (and I promise to not mention those buckets again!)


ICQB said...

Hi! I love the tower of pots and your self-watering buckets! I used to live in Texas - Uvalde, about an hour west of San Antonio. Back then it could be a challenge to keep things watered, too, as we were in the middle of a drought. Humidity, yes. Rain, no.

Carol said...

Hi ICQB! Thanks for a comment and thank you for stopping by. I think you are only the 3rd one to leave a comment! A teenage boy made a tower of pots and posted it on the square foot gardening website last year. I wish I could find it again so I could give him credit. He had numerous good ideas. Thanks again for your kind words!