Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something new---to me anyway

Post # 79

Last Saturday my son Trey came over and put together a  gated trellis for me. Tomorrow I plan to attach a fence to it to keep the dogs from getting into my second garden.  I have already made plans for that trellis.  I have these little pots of some kind of vine to plant on either side of the trellis...i lost the sticker and don't remember what they are but I know the lady told me they were a vine.  I know it is not hibiscus because that is not a vine, and the leaves don't look like my mandavilla's leaves. Whatever they  are I hope they grow to the top of the trellis. Then to cover the wire fence. I found two packages of seeds that I am really excited about.   Yes, I do get excited about the simplest things.  I am so hopeful that even though the heat here is like an oven and my regular morning glories aren't growing well maybe these two vines will.  One is sweat peas....I have only seen a pink mixture, this one is navy blue according to the package but the photo on the pkg appears to be purple to me...either color is something new to me. The other pkg is pink morning glories but double flowered...haven't seen those before either.  Can't wait to get them planted and then for them to bloom! 

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