Sunday, June 19, 2011

the grass is always greener

Just inside my back door into the utility room. 
Yes, I have swept recently (and vacuumed this room too), why do you ask?
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digging out dead grass and planting fescue sod. 
Yes, fescue does drink alot of water &
 I have to pay for every drop,
 and yes we are in a drought and a heat wave,
 have I lost my mind?  Oh, a longgg time ago!
YES! Grass! No need to plant, I will just sit on this stack!

typical Gracie after she comes inside,  Actually usually a lot dirtier :(
and she is black --- that brown on her head and back is dirt!
As soon as I planted the sod everybody
 was claiming their spot! In the sliver of dirt between
the landscaping timbers and the house
I have planted pink, yellow and white
hollyhocks. Only planted yesterday but
I hope they come up soon. 

I am so frustrated with the dogs and everyone else dragging in dirt.   In the backyard my grass died except for some patches of bermuda that popped up so... we have dirt, inside and out.  Gracie is my little black schnauzer.  We got her from the pound when she was 3/4 dead and skin draped over skinny it was just heartbreaking.  Now she has tripled her weight, is healthy & a precious little girl.  All that is another story but anyway, Gracie is solid black except for a tuff of white on her chest.  This is what she looks like after she has been outside....and she comes and goes through the doggie door a lot (well, the photo is up there somewhere and I can't seem to move it). I decided even if I couldn't afford to sod the whole yard I could do a little bit.  Why yes it was 101 degrees yesterday, why do you ask? I went to Home Depot and loaded up the trunk of my little car with sod, the passenger seat with top soil and mud under my fingernails.  Pain killer for back, $4.99,  slabs of sod, $1.59 a piece, joy on the dogs faces, priceless.  Before I could even get it planted the dogs knew what to do. Sit on it! Roll over and scratch their back! I put it in the portion of my yard that gets the most shade...between a sidewalk and my trailer house and alternated it with flowerbeds (cheaper).  The stick with the tags on it (making a cross shadow)..that is a stick that I do expect to is a raspberry crepe mrytle I transplanted from another part of the yard.  I kept the tag on it because Lowe's has a 1 yr guarantee.  I planted it last fall but it didn't leaf out this spring after we had all that below zero weather in Feb.  When I dug it up to take it...and 3 Lowe's for a refund the roots had little shoots coming up so I replanted them and expect them to be beautiful next year. 

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