Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My own private "bed and breakfast" room

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photo from BrylaneHome ....I chose this color because it is the color of a New Mexico sky
(they call it "teal" but we all know it is turquoise) and the color of my beloved morning glories
I'm in the process of decluttering my room and since I live in a single wide trailer house with little storage anything that does not have a home ends up in my room, making decluttering a major job.  We are a 3 generation, my adult daughter, and her 2 sons. Oh, and the 4 dogs who have as many toys as the boys it seems. We don't own scads of stuff but when your house has only 3 closets, one the same width as the door, no pantry and the utility room is half of a hall, 1125 sq ft and 4 people, with a vacuum, steam mop, carpet shampooer (only housework thing i like to do is mop, vacuum and shampoo the carpet), toys, Christmas decorations, you know...everything...has to go somewhere & it ends up in my room.  I'm not really griping, I love my house and very grateful to have it.  I just wish we all were neater and had even fewer things than we do.  Since I have always been housework challenged...I would much rather be reading a book or puttering outside...I would rather have a root canal than go through stuff I may or may not ever need and may or may not ever find a spot to store it, but (heavy sigh) I am.  To compound matters my mom lived through the 1920's depression when no one had anything therefore i grew up in a home where you didn't throw anything away because you might need that some day.  (we washed aluminum foil and sandwhich bags to reuse and reuse but that is another story...and I had it easier than a friend in the same situation, his mom made them wash and save the cornhusks she used in making tamales)  OK, back to the make myself work on the stuff in my room I have ordered a new comforter set and the challenge is to have my room ready by the time it gets here.  I like to give myself prizes for jobs done that I didn't want to do in the first place.  I don't have a husband to bring me flowers and presents so I do it. I know, it's a tough job, but works out well, I love every present I get. Do I HAVE money to blow? nooo, why do you ask? But I found this awesome deal at plus as a first time customer I got free shipping and do you see the price down there? The numbers in blue? Is that not a good deal or what???? Of course, if it comes and it is horrid & super cheaply made and not plump at all  not only will I tell you but I will leave a truthful review on their website.  The color choices were teal, olive, or wine and I got the teal. No, I did not get olive drapes to go with the teal comforter as in the pic but I would like to have those brown silky looking sheets. Brown silky sheets do not come with it.   This is not a paid commercial advertisement, I just like to pass along things I see as a very good deal (although, Brylane---like someone from your company is reading this--- if you would like to treat me I sure would like queen size brown silky sheets.)
---Victoria Pintuck Queen Size Comforter Set  TEAL $47.49 
               FOR THE 4 piece SET!!! (no, i didn't get the cute little pillow, that was extra). That means I just have to NOT drink a $1 fountain soda for 48 days. Works for me.  Now, to keep my room looking like I am living in a beautiful bed and breakfast bedroom I am going to get out the baby gate (see, it was a good thing I kept that thing from when the dogs were puppies) and put the baby gate at my bedroom door so dogs with muddy, dirty paws are not in the middle of my comforter  (i hate doors shut to rooms). 

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