Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Is Your Turn, Lord

Post # 63     I am still trying to get the rest of the garden planted before we revert back to dust bowl days or fall gets here. Yesterday I planted 40 hills of corn.  Lord, I planted them in good faith that you would send rain, and sooner rather than later would sure work for me.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I've been out of the loop too. Working at school and cleaning houses. Love that school is out. Although I will be doing summer school beginning next week. But it won't be so bad, just 3 days a week and 8 to 12. I love morning glories too. You have a precious grandbaby, all that hair!! Just know that I love you and hang in there. Debbie England

Anonymous said...

Go Carol! My morning glories are about 3 inches tall. I guess it would help if I would water them, duh. Tammy R.