Monday, February 20, 2012

Shivering is Over!

I haven't been able to get my intake of protein up to 70 grams a day, and probably never will but I have increased it by a lot.  More than I have ever eaten in my life and the freezing cold, miserable shivering, goosebump thing is over!  I have also been taking the B-50 vitamins my Dr said would give me energy but that hasn't happened yet.  Probably because my depression has been so bad and depression causes severe fatigue.  Doubling the antidepressant seemed to make it worse not better. Hmmm, or without the increased antidepressant maybe I would have really been in the toilet.  Come to think of it January and February two years ago is when I got really, seriously bad before finally going to the hospital so maybe I am actually doing ok. Does that make sense? I'm really bad depressionwise but not as bad as I have been in Jan & Feb?  I hope I am never as bad as I was that year.


Kate said...

Carol, have you ever tried the protein powder shakes? I use bars many days, but recently it's been all about eggs for me when it comes to protein!

There's a really great powder some of my friends used called Click (you can get it online) and it's coffee flavored. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but they swear by it.

Anonymous said...


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Carol said...

Hi Kate, actually a couple of weeks ok I bought a container of protein powder a lady at the health food store suggested. I got french vanilla flavor to add to my oatmeal. Gives me 15 grams to whatever I add it to!

Carol said...

Hello Australian friend.....I will research the cayenne pepper thing! Thanks for thinking of me. Have a great day :)