Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cymbalta, Part II

The second best thing about Cymbalta, after getting rid of my Morton's Neuroma torture, is that it has enabled my mind to steady itself enough that I can once again read and comprehend.  At the beginning of November I could not concentrate enough to read and understand anything I read.  In January I was able to read 15 books and enjoyed them so very much.  So far it has not steadied my mind enough that I can remember things I, duh, reading is very important to me....why didn't I remember this yesterday when I was writing about Cymbalta.  When I went to the Dr on Friday, my main concern other than exhaustion was that I have been so freezing cold, when others are warm, totally NOT typical for me and I almost forgot to tell them.  I would have felt really stupid if I had gotten home before I remembered.  The nurse called to discuss the results with me today.  I missed the call.  I had asked them to email me since I can not hear well on the phone.  That request got lost in the shuffle I guess. My oldest daughter is going to come over tomorrow to talk to the nurse for me if I can get her on the phone, or keep Taylor busy while I try to talk to her.  I have spoiled Taylor rotten.  She wants to play with my cell phone all the time and if I have a call and do not give it to her she makes a lot of noise!  I have started keeping my purse (and phone) hidden in a closet and not letting her play with it any more.  Eventually Grandma will learn.....

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