Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dr's are Great if You Have a Broken Bone

Office visit? $96 Lab work? $90 Results? Nothing wrong.  No insurance? 1/5th of my monthly SS disability check gone.  Apparently I am not anemic and my thyroid medication is perfect for me.  Sure. I only got to talk to the nurse but when I asked so why do I feel this way her response was Dr wants you to take the vitamins she suggested (B-50, calcium & vitamin D, plus a multi-vitamin), eat healthier, and if I continue to feel freezing cold come back in.  Well, probably not.  And why I usually don't go to the Dr for much of anything.  That which does not kill you will only make your stronger, right?  My theory is that if you have something like a broken bone or bad cut or sore throat then Dr's can help you.  If you have some problem that is not caused by only one thing or for which there is a test then who knows if they can help.  I don't dislike Dr's  or think they just want to rush me in and out or try to frustrate me on purpose.  I think there are just lots of things that are not that simple and unfortunately they can't plug in "patient is abnormally for her freezing cold, and dead tired exhausted" into a computer and it spit out one diagnosis and one pill to fix me.  I just wish they could.  I will try to figure out my problem myself I guess.  I told the Dr that I am just so tired (use all my "spoons" taking care of my granddaughter, an opportunity for which I am extremely grateful.  If you missed the spoon story click on spoon story under "labels" there on the right) and just realized I haven't been taking care of myself, can't take care of myself unless I get some energy from somewhere.  B-50 is suppose to take care of that.  I thought about what do I eat for "fuel."  Since D-B day (depression breakdown day)  almost 2 years ago I doubt I have cooked half a dozen meals.  The first year my daughter lived with me and I only ate whatever was on the plate she put in my lap.  Severe, debilitating depression does that ... you don't have the energy, desire, wits to get up and cook something.  The second year she had the opportunity to get help from HUD to get her own apartment (she is disabled too) and we both thought it would be good for her to have her own home.  Everyone needs their own place.  My kids either came to my house and cooked meals and we ate together occasionally or I lived on frozen Weight Watchers' Smart Ones, except I bought cheaper ones.  I don't like mystery meat so I only ate 5 Cheese Zitti pasta or Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli.  Other than that I ate cereal, drank Dr Pepper and grabbed something off the dollar menu at McDonald's (McChicken without condiments or lettuce is my fav).  If I had breakfast it was a pop tart.  Oh, and I guess to make sure I remained fat I ate ice cream every day.   Well, let me back up.  In the summer it was just too hot to eat anything other than ice cream, plus I love ice cream. In the fall I had a couple of months when I made pinto beans or vegetable stew in the crockpot constantly and I did well during that time.  Then the entire 'I have Morton's Neuroma torture pain so bad and no-med depression so bad that I stopped cooking anything' saga came up.  Okay, fine.  Then I started Cymbalta and nothing tasted good, nothing sounded appealing, I didn't want anything but Dr Pepper.  For a couple of months I grabbed a McChicken and fries at lunch or a burrito and that was my food intake for the day. I figured out tonight that duh, not much protein in that diet.  I really don't want to eat meat very often, see previous post about cruelty to animals, so I googled high protein foods and am trying to figure out what I am going to eat.  I don't like fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, peanut butter.  I need around 70 grams of protein a day evidently.  A cup of green beans has 1.5.  I can't eat 46 cups of green beans a day so I have to come up with plan B.  Tomorrow I will let you know what it is.  Almonds, pinto beans and cornbread, and spinach will be involved.  So.... lack of protein is probably one of my problems.  I still don't know why I am freezing cold even under a pile of blankets.  After I show you my plan B (guess what? Dr Pepper has no protein) I will ask for other suggestions. 


~It's Just Me~ said...

Hey Carol. I had just written you an email and was about to send it. I'm glad I checked here first. I'm so sorry they did not find anything to explain the freezing. Maybe better nutrition is the answer all the way around. I have very low blood pressure and feel really cold a lot from that. Not eating can cause your blood pressure to be very low. Maybe that really is all there is to it, let's hope! {{{Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had an A1c test? Thought of you last night when I saw a commercial for diabetes.