Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Been Tired

I haven't posted for a few days because I have just been tired.  Well, that and it rained so my internet went off for about 24 hours like it always does if it rains.  I'm sick of writing about, and I am sure everyone is sick of reading about, me being cold, tired, depressed, tired, tired, tired so let's move on to my granddaughter.  My son and his family went out of town for the weekend to visit friends.  I'm jealous.....getting out of town must be nice.  Anyway, Tuesday when I was there babysitting I was in the kitchen washing bottles when I realized Taylor was no longer in there with me doing her daily job of emptying the pot holder drawer.  I found her in her room.  Her momma had left her suitcase in the floor so Taylor decided to unpack for her.  She was having a good time!

The end.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this. Especially the first picture. The eyes seem to say, OK, you caught me. So what.

~It's Just Me~ said...

oh, I bet her mommy just loved that! lol! ^^ hehe, see me helping mommy? really, how does she get anything done without my help? Decisions, I take these shoes or leave them? Definitely have to pack this book! -cute, cute, cute!!!

Carol said...

I love those eyes in the first picture! They are her "I may be making a mess but I am so dang cute, huh Grandma?" eyes