Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time to Start Eating Healthy & a Question For You at the end

From what I have read on the internet I think most likely, if my thyroid medication is indeed correct (and just because the number was correct does not convince me that it is correct for ME) I suspect my feeling cold all the time is related to lack of sleep and lack of protein.   From what I have read "protein aids in proper thermoregulation and keeps your body comfortably warm."  In sitting down and thinking hard about what I have eaten the past year, and considering I have never been a big meat eater, I think I better start writing down everything I put in my mouth and counting grams of protein.  The other factor, lack of sleep, I am not sure how I can fix that.  I  don't want to take a sleeping pill.  When I do go to sleep I sleep like a log.  It is just getting to sleep that is the problem.   A friend has delayed sleep phase disorder.  I wonder if that may be one of my problems, or if it is insomnia.  For as long as I can remember I told me kids when I retire I was going to quit fighting sleep, stay up all night and sleep in the middle of the day.  My body likes to go to sleep between 2 and 4 a.m.  My mom used to tell me I was like a baby and had my nights and days mixed up.  She passed away 19 years ago so I have had this sleep pattern for a long time.  For right now I am just going to work on the nutrition problem.  Every site I looked at said multiply your weight by .4 and that is how many grams of protein you need.  I'm rounding mine down to 70 just because I want to. I suspect I have been eating more like 18 grams of protein a day, if that, so working towards 70 will be something.  For a long time I have lived on Dr. Pepper, ice cream, cookies and frozen entrees almost entirely.  The entrees that I bought have around 10 grams of protein and ice cream has about 8 grams a cup.  Here are the things I have researched that I know I can make myself eat and I am just going to make myself severely cut down the Dr Pepper that I have mostly lived off of for the past 6 months:
1 cup pinto beans     15.4 g     245 cal
1/8 of a pkg of cornbread mix, baked     2.2 g     126 cal
1 cup vanilla ice cream     8 g     300 cal
1 serving Quaker Quick Cooking Oatmeal, prepared     6 g     150 cal
1 slice whole wheat bread     1 g     60 cal
1 cup canned tomatoes     1.9 g     41 cal
5 saltine crackers     1 g     60 cal
1 serving Frosted mini-wheat cereal (24 biscuits)     4 g     220 cal
1 serving Yoplait Whips yogurt     5 g     160 cal
1 large egg     6 g     80 cal
1 cup spaghetti     8 g     220 cal
½ cup spaghetti sauce     2 g     60 cal
1 T. peanut butter     3.5 g     95
4 oz 80% hamburger     28 g     200 cal
1 large baked potato with skin     7 g     278 cal
1 cup homemade mashed potatoes     4 g     237 cal
1 cup green peas     8 g     160 cal
1 cup green beans     2 g     40 cal
1 cup corn     5 g   132 cal
1 cup white hominy     2 g     140  cal
1 cup steamed broccoli     4.6 g     44 cal
1 cup chopped spinach     4 g     60 cal
1 cup black eyed peas     8 g     120 cal
1 cup cooked Minute Rice     4 g     200 cal
1 cup raw carrots     1 g     52 cal
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese     28 g     455 cal
1 cup guacamole     4.6 g     366 cal
10 tortilla chips     2.3 g   146
1 can tomato soup, prepared     4.9 g     183 cal
6 ounce sirloin     34.5 g     342 cal
4 ounce b/s chicken breast     32 g     120 cal
22 dry roasted almonds     6.3 g     169 cal
¼ cup peanuts     9 g     214 cal
1 cherry tomato     0.15 g     3 cal
1 medium tomato     1 g     22 cal
1 cup vegetable stew     6.3 g     134 cal
apple, 1 medium      .47 g     95
bacon, oscar meyer ready to serve microwave  1 slice    1.25 g   17.5
(i have added some foods...if you want an alphabetized slightly longer list let me know and i will email it to you)

I AM CURIOUS, DO YOU THINK YOU EAT 70 GRAMS OF PROTEIN A DAY?  Does that sound like alot to you?  I went to a couple of different websites for my info.  I think cornbread should be more protein but that is what it said.  I realize I left a lot of food off.....I don't drink milk, eat fish or lamb & very little pork or beef.   I mostly like 7 layer dip (boy is that high in calories but at least it has a lot of protein), beans and cornbread, stew and casseroles.  My new mantra is going to be I'm fat because I eat high caloric & non healthy items like Dr Pepper, ice cream and cookies.  I am back up to 186 so let's see how eating all this protein helps with my weight loss.  The medical Dr I went to the other day did tell me that my larger dose of Cymbalta will probably make me gain weight.  Oh yay.


~It's Just Me~ said...

Yep, I would have to say I easily hit that 70 Grams mark. Because I ahve low potassium and magnesium, I do not absorb calcium as I should. This causes me to crave things with calcium... particularly milk and cheese. I also need protein (peanut butter, nuts, etc) every few hours or I will get sick. I do not know why yet. Your plan sounds very well thought out, praying for positive results.

Anonymous said...

I counted up breakfast and morning snack and came up with 25 grams. By the end of the day I probably go over. Especially since I am a 3 meal a day and 2 snacks person. It's a snap for me.

Carol said...

Really?! Wow! I thought 70 grams sounded impossible!