Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Apologize If You Got a Nonsensical Text From Me!

LOL!!!!  It is too bad my mind does not work well when I have not had much sleep!  I am sitting here....just me and my dogs ... laughing out loud at myself!  This afternoon my son just showed me a text I sent him today and when I read it I laughed at myself until tears came!  Let me back up ... I am seriously sleep deprived.  I can not sleep well when the wind is blowing like a hurricane, and it has blown like a hurricane for a good five days now.  Studies show that high wind DOES have an effect on your brain and your mood.  It sure does me.  Add that to the fact that I have suffered with insomnia for a couple of years and am constantly fatigued from the effects of depression and you have one tired woman.  Last night I laid in my very comfy bed, in a dark room, good room temperature, my dogs with me for comfort and for a burgler alarm, and I just laid there.  Laid there. Laid there.  11 p.m.  midnight.  At about 12:40 a.m. I thought of something so I texted my daughter since if she is asleep a text will not wake her up.  one a.m. two a.m.  2:30 a.m. same daughter calls me.  She can't sleep either.  3 a.m. Some time after 4 a.m. -- I am guessing after 4:30 a.m. I finally fell asleep.  When the alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. I turned it off, two alarms in fact and went back to sleep.  I don't remember a thing.  At 7:30 a.m. I woke up suddenly and realized what I had done.  I am suppose to be across the city at my son's home to babysit between 7:00 and 7:15 a.m. so they can leave and get to work on time.   Takes me a good 20 minutes to drive it. Went into panic mode, threw on clothes and drove to my son's home.  Taylor kept me awake because she and I stay busy playing but I sure was hoping she would be ready for her morning nap early.  When she takes a nap I take a nap too.  I always put a blanket on the floor right next to her crib and sleep next to her since with my hearing impairment I would not hear her wake up if I were in another room.  When she wakes up she yells and wakes me up.  If that does not do the trick she throws her empty bottle,  her doll, or a stuffed animal at me and that for sure wakes me up!   Our routine is have breakfast, play, have a bath, play, watch some Sesame Street in there, read some books, and when she is ready for her nap she does the sign language for sleep and says night-night and we go off for a nap. Usually by 10 a.m. she is ready to go to sleep.  This morning I was soooo anxious for her to take that nap ...3 hours of sleep last night just did not do it for me .... I was just so tired I could not think.  I texted my sister, daughter and youngest son to tell them don't call or text and wake her up.  She wakes up at the slightest sound, and once she wakes up she has been supercharged and nap time is over.  I mean for a good hour I had been praying Please Lord, don't let anything happen to wake her up before she and I get that 45 minutes of sleep because I really, really need it.  Did I turn my cell phone off?  Why, noooooo.  Did I take it out of my jeans pocket?  noooo  All I could think was text everyone who might call or text and tell them not too!  Even though every other morning when we go to lay down I turn my cell to vibrate without even thinking about it.   LOL!!!  Never crossed my mind to turn it to vibrate today.  I was just in zombie mode!   When I got her to get in her crib I was laying in the floor next to it sending one of those don't call texts and before I could push "send" my daughter called. Up popped my granddaughter.  I just about cried.  Got her down again. A friend texted.  Did I have my phone on vibrate? noooooo Did Taylor hear that little beep? Yessssss  Did I about cry?  surrrre  Miraculously I got her to try for a nap a third time.  That is when I texted my son a completely gibberish text.  We had made plans last night for him to come over and visit today and I didn't want him to call, text or come over until we got that dadgum nap!!!!   We didn't get much of a nap because of someone coming to the door and another text so I finally gave up and let Trey know it was ok for him to come on over.  When he got there he said let me show you this text you sent me.  About 6 lines that made absolutely no sense, especially since none of it actually contained a real word or even a close-to-making-sense abbreviation!  He said, when he got the text, he thought to himself either Mother is really really tired or she has finally taken up drinking!   ROFLOL!   I am so tired that just REALLY cracked me up!   He stayed about 3 hours with us until Casey got out of school and came to babysit.  Tish, I knew for sure you could relate! :) I am off for another nap now. 

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~It's Just Me~ said...

lol, you poor thing! i know its not funny when you are going through it, but what story it makes for afterwards huh? {{{hugs!}}}