Sunday, February 5, 2012

Protein, Pinterest, and The World's Most Perfect Staircase

     Okay....I concentrated real hard today on getting protein and I made it to 49.1 grams.  I had to eat more food than I really wanted but it only added up to 1,264 calories since I cut back on the Dr Pepper and ice cream.  I am here to tell you that dry roasted peanuts do NOT have an indefinite shelf life.  I knew a cup of peanuts would really boost my bottom number up so I got out a jar of peanuts that I have had for a long time.  I did not eat enough to bring up my number because man, they were gross.  I was going to try apple with peanut butter but I was just so full I couldn't eat anything else today.  Getting up to 70 grams is going to be difficult for me.  I got out a new spiral notebook and wrote down everything I ate today, put my food/protein count list in the spiral, and plan to keep track of everything I eat from now on so I can work towards 70 grams every day. 
     Today was more like a winter day is suppose to be...cloudy, cold, dreary.  I was freezing so I spent a lot of time in bed under the covers reading and sleeping.  Since it is Saturday and I had no place to be and no one was coming over to my house today I just slept all I wanted.  I am now caught up on my sleep!  I love sleeping in the daytime.  I also spent too much time on Pinterest.  I love that thing!  Most of the things I have posted to my boards I will never actually  do but when I worked at the library I was able to do a lot of creative things --- bulletin boards, hall displays, crafts with kids --- and I really miss that.  I have one Pinterest board of "things to do with the grandkids."  Those things I most likely will do every one eventually.  My grandsons love to do crafts and I have a good supply of ideas for when my granddaughter gets older.  I think I told you once that my favorite toy as a child was any catalog I could get my hands on.  I still love to look through magazines and catalogs.  I don't get many fact I can't remember when I last got a catalog but it is ok, Pinterest sort of fills that void for me.  I find it terribly relaxing and fun to look at pretty things.  Besides, you just never know what is around the corner and I may find myself in a position to do some of those things.  Meanwhile, it is just fun to see what others are doing and make my boards.   
    I was going to go to Wal-Mart today but decided not this weekend.  My daughter that works at the grocery store texted me on her lunch hour that people were standing in line for baskets.  This is the largest grocery store in town and they have lots of baskets so that is a lot of shoppers and a packed store.  I decided right then if the store was that packed then no way was I venturing out to Wal-Mart today.  We aren't expecting a snow storm so I couldn't figure out why that would be.  I texted her back "because it is the first of the month? or because the weather is colder?" and she told me it was because it is super bowl weekend.  Ohhh ... not being a big fan of football and not having money to ever host a party it just didn't cross my mind that it would be because of football that the store was full of shoppers.  She said beer, cokes,  chips, brisket ... anything you would serve at a Texas superbowl party was just flying off the shelves.  If money were no problem and I had a bigger house, and a bigger tv, I would like to have a superbowl party for my kids and watch the game with them.  Well, without the beer.  It would be fun to be able to do all the decorations, cute food ideas, buy football plates and napkins.  I have never been able to do a party like that for any event.  
    My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter have gone to visit friends in another town for the weekend.  I wish I did not worry so much.  I will worry until they get back home safe and sound.  I just am going to go read and not let myself think about it.  Excessive worry is a part of anxiety disorder.  You know that Kenny Chesney song with the line "everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to go now"---at least when we do there will be no excessive worrying going on, no mental illness, and if having a party or doing crafts with my grandkids or having a porch with a swing and pots of flowers would be a blessing to me then I know it will happen because no blessing will be denied us.  That is what keeps me going.  :)      Meanwhile, look at this staircase I found on this not the coolest thing ever or what?!?!?!  LOL! No matter how old I got I would be sliding down this slide!!!!
Why walk down when you can slide? would save my achy knees!!! 


Anonymous said...

I know a few kiddos that would love that staircase! I rate this A++.

Carol said...

our grandkids would wear themselves out, wouldn't they?

~It's Just Me~ said...

Wow!!! That is a beautiful staircase!

Carol said...

It is beautiful, isn't it! I just love to look at it. I can picture giggling children and adults sliding down. Who could not smile and giggle coming down that slide!