Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I am Thinking

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We lived through the tenth anniversary.

I bet no one but the dogs know this about me but I like to watch tennis.  on TV...I'm not sitting out in the sun and heat to watch tennis.  I don't play tennis....i just WISH i moved that much!  The main attraction to me is I love to hear the whop of the ball being hit.  When you lose some of your hearing i think things like that suddenly are precious.  Bird chirping, ditto.  Baby voices, ditto.  Hearing is a funny thing.  When I first got hearing aids I did not realize computer keyboards make a sound when you type.  The first time I went back to work with hearing aides I was astounded to find out that you can hear a noise when you type.  The two people that shared a big desk with me in the library were sitting there and I turned to them and said LISTEN! (me randomly pounding away on the keyboard)---this makes a NOISE! did you know that??!!?? (they replied yessss and please stop that) Anyway, as you know my dog ate the hearing aides but they were old & not working for me anyway but if it is just me and the dogs in the house with no other noise, and they aren't barking, and if i have the TV up pretty loud, I can hear the whop of a tennis ball being smacked.  I like it. I am easily amused.  Today I was pretty upset with Serena Williams tho.  Oh, Serena, not championship behavior.  I won't go into it here...the morning shows will cover it, involved her & a ref. 

I bet no one, not even the dogs, knows this but if I could have a different life I would play the cello, piano and the drums.  In this life I can't read music.

My 9 month old granddaughter spent 4 days with her other grandparents in another town.  Taylor has only seen them twice this summer, once in mid-May and one other time.  I wondered if she would know who they were but her parents called and she was having a wonderful time.  I imagine she thought "oh boy! Lots of new people to see my "dancing baby" thing that makes everyone laugh at home!"  Anyway, Taylor's mom and dad went to meet the grandma at a football game where another of her grandchildren was playing. The grandma had Taylor in a stroller and as she was walking Taylor toward her parents Taylor saw them and tried to make the stroller go faster and started pulling on the seat belt buckle.  Awwww, at 9 months I don't think she could understand why she got left and her parents disappeared for 4 days.  I am glad for the other grandma since she needs to see Taylor too though.  I wish those grandparents lived here.  I wish I owned a couple of acres and we ...every one's relatives in our family...all had our own houses on it where we all could see each other.  We could have a flag system----one for yes please disturb me and another for please leave me alone.

I have been working on a photo album to give my granddaughter, sort of like a scrapbook.  I get immense pleasure from taking photos and now with putting together that book.  Over the years I have loved buying scrapbook paper, stickers, etc and made some pages but mostly I just bought the supplies. I am not using those supplies, but making a digital scrapbook with is sooo much fun!  Which reminds me, my boss at one of the libraries did the most awesome thing for her daughter.  Every year of that child's life (now a college student) she bought a calendar for her child's room and every night wrote down something her daughter did that day......for 18 years.  Every movie she went to see, every time they went to church,  every time they went anywhere, every tooth in and out,  every time she was sick, every dance class, every playdate, every date date, every---everything.  At first she chose the calendars but eventually her daughter chose them so that too was a clue to her likes.  When i was telling my daughters about the calendars one of my daughter's said that was an invasion of privacy...i told her OH HUSH, I thought it was cool. (picture both of us rolling our eyes).  I guess because my sister and I did not have an Ozzie and Harriet life....not even one day remotely... and we both have blocked out almost all of it, and the parts we do remember are not so pleasant, but moving on....I want my granddaughter to have this photo album of what she did her first year.  How well she is loved and cared for, what she wore, did, saw.  I am ending this one with her first birthday party which will be in November, and then I will start on year two.   When the photo storage company I use has a really awesome sale at Christmas, I'm thinking half price on hardbound padded cover copies and free shipping, I will have the year one book made. I will teach her to wash her hands before looking at it, and to not tear pages, but to look through it all she wants.  My kids were children before digital cameras but I have a huge rubbermaid tub full of printed photos.  Gazillions.  I plan to get my kids to come help me sort through those some snowy day, scan what I want and make books for my children and my grandsons too about their childhood. 

I spent the weekend pricing options, and trying to figure out a way to keep my dogs and the neighbor dogs from barking at each other.  I hung out with my son and took him to buy OJ because he has come down with a cold.  My daughter had one the first week of school.  I think I am catching a cold too.  I love my grocery store.  They have buy one get one free meat almost every week.  Last week was boneless skinless chicken breasts. This week is hamburger.  Today I took a very long nap and missed lunch.  While I was napping I dreamed that the son I took to get OJ and I bought that hamburger and made a big pot of chili.  When I woke up I was really hungry and I thought oh yeah, Trey and I made chili.  I was very disappointed when I went to the fridge to warm up a bowl and there was no chili.  :(  Tomorrow I am going to plan menus for the rest of the month.  Tomorrow I am also going to find my weight watchers manuals and go back on the program....just me, not going to meetings.  I would if I could afford them, but I know what to do.  My daughter took a pic of me with my granddaughter and I look like Buddha.


~It's Just Me~ said...

The scrap booking sounds like so much fun! I believe your Granddaughter will love the books you are making for her! As for the weight watchers, you go girl! ^^ I call myself the Blob Lady. My pictures reflect the reasons for why only too well. Becoming a Pescetarian has helped, but just how much remains to be seen. Anyway, loved your post and your plans! It makes me want to whip up some yummy hot cocoa and pull out my unfinished crochet projects from last year. ^^

carol said...

LOL! I am way tired but can't get to sleep so here I am again....and when I read your comment with my sleepy eyes I thought "Presbyterian?! I thought she was LDS!" then I re-read it and had to look that up! LOL! One of my sons is almost a vegetarian and the healthiest of all of us. I would be vegetarian too but I like roast, bbq brisket, and steak fingers too much! The only fish I will eat is salmon croquettes and tuna salad sandwiches. My mom crocheted but she never could teach me...I am left handed and she had no patience. I wish we could get together for that hot chocolate and I would watch you crochet.

~It's Just Me~ said...

Lol, I thought you might enjoy looking that up! ^^ I don't care much for fish myself, but tolerate tuna sandwiches, fried salmon patties, and very rarely halibut. I love crab! I also crave the 'memory' of steak and fried chicken, that is until I smell it. lol. One of my daughters is left handed. The trick was setting up her hands/fingers in reverse, then letting her watch me from the front instead of from my angle. ^^ If we were neighbors, we would both crochet together while drinking cocoa. I would teach you how. ^^

carol said...

LOL! I like looking up words. I used to keep a Webster's Collegiate Dictionary on my coffee table (being LDS I use to crack up this woman I worked with by calling it my hot chocolate table)...anyway, I kept that red dictionary out all the time because I have always wanted to constantly look something the print in that dictionary is much too small and so I have the Merriam-Webster website bookmarked!