Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm proud of my niece!

love that her cat is sitting on top of the display-----
-he matches the color scheme perfectly!
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I am proud of my niece for a bunch of reasons including
  • she is a good daughter
  • she is a RN
  • she is an excellent mom to two little girls
  • she takes good care of her husband
  • she can make homemade tortillas, amongst a gazillion other homemade things
  • she loves animals
  • when she is not working at a hospital, taking care of hubby, kids, dogs, cats she is artistic, creative and crafty, crafty, crafty
I love the fall display she put together for her yard...
It just seems like such a nice "welcome home"  display.  I love it. I asked her if I could post her photos here so you guys could see them and she said ok.   This is what my niece wrote me about putting the display together....."The fall decorations in the yard I made from an old ladder my mom gave me.  The scarecrow's and flowers I bought at Michaels sunday during a 50% off sale and I had a 15% off coupon!  So yes 75% off!  The cat-----well I would say she was free as she just showed up one day and was so very loving, but she has cost me money feeding her daily.  LOL" She made a quilt for her little girls to take to football games...the high school team mascot is the longhorn thus the LL for Logan Longhorns...she told me this is called a rag quilt. She says "The logan longhorn quilt was old jeans --- i even used the ones with holes and patches as you can see in the pics.  Mom and I use to buy the jeans at garage sales or I just save Jimmy's old jeans as they get holey.  I cut the longhorns, L L, and LHS out and then sewed fabric Janet had given me that a lady she knew didn't want anymore and was getting rid of.  Some of it is red and black fuzzy animal fur type fabric, some silk, just whatever I could find in the box that matched.  The back... I will send a pic... is red and white flannel."  

The cut out design is the head and horns of a longhorn cow. steer. I'm not sure.  do Momma cows AND steers of the longhorn family both have the long horns?

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