Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Know, Exciting Stuff Here

  • Post # 174 
  • Yesterday I cleaned the hall bathroom.   i know, interesting.
  • Scrub toilet. check 
  • Sweep and mop. check
  • Wash shower curtain and rug. check
  • clean off shelf. checkdrop in one of these so the toilet bowl water will match the rug. oh, and, will be clean.
  • put blue marble things in a dish just because they match my bathroom rug
    drop marbles in the toilet. accidentally.  pondered the price of a plumber if i just flush them. stuck my hand in there and fished them out.  was glad i had just cleaned the toilet.


~It's Just Me~ said...

Why not? *laugh* I would be excited if I could scrub my bathroom. ^^ Love the color of blue you chose for your color scheme.

carol said...

I had to give myself the "it's just a big ole porcelain bowl, the water is clean, its just been scrubbed" talk. I do not enjoy sticking my hand in the toilet!!! Yeppers! I love that shade of blue too. I always thought blue and white together just looks clean. Never realized it before but that shade should be called tidy bowl blue. :)