Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stopping by the bookstore

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      I so love a good bargain!  I haven't been out and about too much in a very long time and I felt the need to go somewhere today .... even though I don't mind being a hermit, today was one of those days when I was so grateful for cooler weather (a high of only 80 today!) and could actually stand to be in my car (no A/C and horrible hot weather this summer) so on the way home from babysitting my granddaughter I went to a book store.  Truthfully, that wanting to go somewhere thing was also a way to avoid going home because I was dead tired from my neighbors keeping me up all night all through the weekend, my grandsons were at my house Monday night and I didn't clean up the kitchen after supper and I didn't want to come home to that mess, and I had a task to do that I couldn't put off any longer but it was so overwhelming I just couldn't make myself get started on it---and if I wasn't home I didn't have to face it....but anyway ...push beyond my comfort zone and go in the bookstore.  First I looked at the Mary Engelbreit 2012 calendars.....love Mary Engelbreit....and this particular bookstore always has calendars half price eventually so I will have to watch for that sale to come up. Something to look forward to!  Getting a new calendar is just one of those things I love.  Clean blank pages just waiting for me to make birthday notations.  My poor confused mind!  I am having a tough time convincing my brain it is 2011.  I mean really, I think it is 2010 all the time.  I "lost" a year with the brain fog I was in and every day I turn on my computer, look down there in the bottom corner to see what time it is and notice it says 2011 and I think WHAT?  When I went in the book store today and saw the calendar display just beyond the front door I saw 2012 on them and honestly thought--oh-kay, this still seems like summer, did it get to be 2012 without me realizing it???? It was 100 degrees just a few days ago, doesn't that mean it is not time for new calendars yet????  Are these way early or left over from last January?? Getting a new calendar and writing in all the important dates is sort of a New Years Day thing for me.  LOL! I had to go home and get on the computer and check the date down there in the corner to get myself unconfused. but back to the good bargain....this store sells used as well as new books so whenever I am there I check out the baby/toddler board book collection.  For Kali's baby shower I bought about 20 board books, most of them used but you would have a hard time convincing me they weren't brand new.  I  pick through them carefully but honestly almost every used board book at this store looks like it is in perfect unused condition.  Just every now and then I come across one that has really been read enough to show any signs of wear.  I have gotten them for $1.99 to $3.99 and most new board books are $5.99 to $10.99.  After being the storytime lady for so many years I have a mental list of titles I want for my granddaughter so when I see one of them with a used sticker I just do the happy dance! Well, only on the inside. :)  Today I found 4 titles that I really wanted and got them to save for her birthday in November.  Since she and I read her board books every day I am ready for some new ones.  I don't check out board books from the library because believe me those things are loaded with germs.  I was always saying I wish we could just close the library and take an antibacterial wipe to every book in the building and clean them up.   And no I never did clean up the kitchen (I am embarrassed).  I came home and took a long nap, warmed up leftovers for my dinner, tackled that task I had to do, which took me 4 hours and created all kinds of frustration and stress but I got it done.  Now tomorrow I will have to come home to the messy kitchen and tackle it then.

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