Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have Been Flirting with Imogene's Man

Post # 170   Every day when I am through babysitting my granddaughter I drive up one street which dead ends at a house, and I look to see if a certain friendly looking gentleman is sitting on the porch.  As I turn in front of that house and see Wilbur I wave at him.  He cracks me up.  He makes me smile.  I am in love with Wilbur.  Obviously Wilbur is retired, like me.  Obviously Wilbur loves the outdoors because he is always out there, sitting on the porch every day after lunch when I pass by. When I leave my granddaughter in the capable hands of my daughter and head towards home to see about my dogs I just have to go by and see my Wilbur...first man I have flirted with in quite a while.  Shhhh, my kids don't know.  One day last week I was in for quite a surprise.  See, I thought Wilbur was unattached, like me. One day last week for the first time I saw another woman sitting on the porch with Wilbur.  Who was this woman sitting on the porch with Wilbur holding his hand in front of God and everybody??? 

Turns out, Wilbur is spoken for.  He is Imogene's steady guy.  When Taylor and I went for her morning nap-walk today I decided to knock on the door and see who she was.  I had a real nice visit with Imogene.  She is a very creative sweet woman.  Imogene grew these gourds, dried them and she painted them.  I like them.   I got to meet her dogs, a Boston bull dog and a chihuahua.  She told me she and her late husband Herb lived in Wyoming for 50 years.  He asked her to think about where she would like to live in case he passed away first and she said some where with milder winters than Wyoming.  They came to Amarillo to visit a relative one Thanksgiving, liked it here and bought a home.  After he passed away she made herself her Wilbur....  and it is ok if I still want to drive by and wave at him.  I never thought about making my own man, but I do like the tall, dark, silent type.

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