Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Going to Calm Down Now

Post # 162  I love this baby girl!  Her daddy is my baby.  I love him too!  He just cracks me up sometimes.  Before Taylor was born I was talking to him and telling him how concerned I was for him and Kali because Kali was working such long hours for an 8 month pregnant momma, he was working long hours too, they weren't getting enough rest, and they were facing some unexpected major bills (no health insurance and Taylor was a surprise baby) and I was worried about finances, the amount of rest they weren't getting, etc.....stuff moms worry about for their kids.   He told me "Mom, it's okay, the baby will be here in a month and things will calm down."  Whenever I think of him thinking things are gonna calm down when the baby is born just cracks me up and I laugh myself silly.  This past week Taylor started biting (people), holding her breath when she gets mad, having night terrors, and is discovering what all she can reach now that she can crawl anywhere she wants........ and my daughter Casey said "Mom, remember a year ago when Brent said things were going to calm down???"   just picture Casey and me ROFLOL!

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