Saturday, September 24, 2011

Morton's Neuroma Part II or "like hot cocoa for your toes"

Post # 171  Okay, guys, I am really getting desperate here for some relief. I had forgotten how painful this condition can be when you really have those knots of nerves the point I am just literally sick to my stomach when I have to walk across my carpeted floor to get from one room to another. If you have Morton's Neuroma or know someone who has it and knows of any solution please, please let me know.  As to my plans A, B & C from post # 165.... last night I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep...hard to do when red hot lightning bolts are zapping through your feet every few seconds...really, non-stop, anyway, as I was laying there I thought you know, maybe it IS time to try the surgery then I remembered oh yeahhhhhh, I no longer have health insurance. OK, fine, it probably would have just grown back anyway, as per what Dr said.  I will just pretend I had the surgery. Mind over matter, and all that.  Plan B....I was considering getting the shots but really, I can't get past remembering how those shots hurt.....did I mention if you go that route you get about half a dozen shots (ok maybe 4 but i remember endless, or multiple, pokes) in the top and another half dozen in the bottom of your foot all at the same time, with this needle from hell?? and really I don't recall all that much benefit, but I might cowboy up and give them another shot (pun intended) but then there is that stinky no insurance moving on to my favorite, plan A...
I am working on:
  • spending as much time on my back on my sofa with my feet propped up on the back on the couch keeping my feet higher than my heart
  • wearing dadgum shoes whenever I have to stand on my feet, walk, get off the couch
  • taking the maximum dose of extra strength pain reliever all day long
  • have a water bottle in the freezer that is part water/part rubbing alcohol so it freezes slushy and after I wrap it in a towel I place it between my feet, holding it in place with the bottoms of my feet, sorta like a contortionist  
  • have ordered new Crocs in hopes that returning to wearing them exclusively will help ... can't wait for them to get here!  Should be the 29th. I ordered these:
  • Yup, lined with a fuzzy fleece lining.  I have had a different style Croc lined with this material and oh, can't wait to sink my feet in to heaven again! I ordered brown but I'm thinking I may have to place another order for bubblegum pink
  • and then, in a different style also lined with fleece, an eggplant pair
  • cause I really like purple-ish anything
  •  I decided to not order the pink and eggplant ones until I tried the brown ones to be sure of the size I needed.  Several years ago I wore my first pair from the fuzz collection completely out but I seem to remember that the fuzzy lining takes up some room and may be that I need a size larger. What I had then was yet a different style and you could remove the lining and wash sister also has that style and they are her "house shoes." These are going to be my house shoes, outside shoes, love my feet shoes.... 
  • Fuzz Collection
If you have any other suggestions of things you have tried with some success, not involving "purchase this vitamin/herbal supplement for only $99.95plus s/h and it will cure what ails ya", please send your suggestions.
And my younger son asked today WHY are my feet so bad again when they had not been so horribly flared up in the past year? Because for the first time since I went to the hospital in April 2010 have I wanted to get out of my house, go for a walk, get some exercise and once the heat fell below 111 degrees I thought that walking was a good idea.  That, plus at the end of July I started babysitting my granddaughter who has a super dooper stroller and seems to really enjoy getting outside and I want to be out there too.  She lives in a beautiful neighborhood (a post about porches complete with photos is coming soon), the 85 to 95 degree weather seems so COOL just makes me want to get out in the fresh air. On second thought, one of those motorized carts you see at the grocery store and at Wal-Mart seems like a good idea.  I could strap Taylor in the basket and we could toodle through the neighborhood to our hearts content. 

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