Friday, September 16, 2011

Hhmmm I say, hhmmmm

 Post # 158   
     Tonight i was watching the local nightly news and I heard a newscaster from central Texas say "County Judge Ronnie McDonald...."  so I'm thinking some Mom really named her son Ronald McDonald?  Did she ever think he might be teased to death? and can you imagine the campaign when he ran for judge?? or more accurately, the opposition's campaign slogan? "don't clown around, vote for me"  maybe? just sayin'
    Have you seen the mom on the news recently because she dressed her 3 year old little girl up like the Julie Roberts prostitute character from "Pretty Woman" for a toddler beauty pageant? Really?  I'm flabbergasted, I'm old, I'm thinking in about a dozen years that child is going to be saying "you dressed me up as WHAT??"
    Remember the Amarillo Sox baseball mascot (June 30, 2011 post # 62   So, the Amarillo Sox have a disturbing new mascot joshwoodtx blog  )? It is now for sale on EBay, opening bid of $5,000-----I'm thinking Halloween will be scary for women everywhere this year.
    Again, I guess i am just old.  I had been looking forward to the new sitcom "Up All Night" about a couple with a new baby.  What a waste of 30 minutes of my life.  The funniest part of the show was the commercial they had been teasing us with for a couple of weeks.  Of course this is just IMHO, but i had such high hopes that it would be a good, funny show. 


~It's Just Me~ said...

LOL! re: Ronald McDonald .. Oh the misery! I hope they didn't sink to that level, but you know, they probably did.

carol said...

Sink to that level??!! I don't know where Judge Ronald McDonald lives so i am not familiar with the happenings around the elections but i do know one Texas the 2 major religions are 1)football and 2) mud-slinging politics!!! Oh my, I can just imagine! :)