Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post # 156 Coats, umbrellas and crockpots

Wooooo-Hoooo!  My favorite weather guy says Thursday we will need coats, umbrellas and something good in the crockpot for Thursday! 80% chance of rain and only a high in the 50's.  Today when I drove through downtown the bank sign said the temp was 93.  Since it is mid-September a high in the 50's is sounding pretty good to me! I am planning 5 days of crockpot meals, stew tomorrow, chili on thurs,  roast on fri, beans on Sat. and a chicken recipe for Sunday that I will list here on Monday so I can include a picture.  I hate to wash my crockpot...I am going to buy a box of those crockpot liners and see what I think.  Do you ever use them?

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