Wednesday, December 7, 2011

She won---again!

My daughter went to her work Christmas party tonight and in a drawing she won a tv!!!  She was very excited, and I was excited for her as well.  She is finally getting her life together after some very rough times and I am proud of her for how well she is doing.  She recently moved into a nice home --- which she has not had in a long time --- and she has room on her kitchen counter for this little tv and it was just a nice thing for her to win.  When she called to tell me about it she sounded so was good to hear her sound happy.  The funny thing is that this is the 2nd tv she has won in her life.  Several years ago her apartment complex had a drawing for those tenants that paid their December rent on time and the prize was a tv.  She won that one!    I went to Wal-Mart today and did the last of my Christmas shopping for my grandchildren today.  On the way I saw Clifford! You know Clifford, the Big Red Dog from children's books?  A car dealer had an old a model T but I am not sure if that is what it was but an antique car parked in front of their office with this huge, gigantic Clifford sitting in it.  Tomorrow I am going to go back and take Taylor to see if we can take her picture with Clifford.  Whem my grandsons were little I bought Clifford stuffed dogs for them on Ebay----first thing, and probably only thing, I have purchased off Ebay.  They were so cool.  I got these two big Cliffords...he is laying down and about 3 feet long.  If you squeezed a paw he barked.  When Mason and Travis were about 2 and 3 they did the funniest thing with those Cliffords.  One boy would get in a bedroom and the other boy would get in a bedroom on the opposite side of the apartment, both "riding" a Clifford and they would run towards each other.  They would meet right in front of the entry to the kitchen in their apartment, crash into each other, dramatically fall off their Clifford's and roll, get up, hug and say exactly the same thing every time.....(Mason) "I'm sahwwy Twavis, I didn't see you thewe" (or however you spell 'there' when you can't pronounce r's) then Travis would say...every time "it's okay, I wuv you anyway."  They would hug tightly, turn, get on their Clifford's and ride off in the opposite direction.  Then they would do it again.  Say the same exact thing, crash in the same exact place in the same exact way.  It was a hoot.  For months they would do that over and over and over and over every day.  They are now almost 10 and 11 and they still have those Cliffords on their beds.  For Taylor's birthday two weeks ago they gave her much a smaller Clifford and his friend, T-bone.

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