Monday, December 19, 2011

Really, I'm hiding my laptop

Okay, it is down to crunch time and all I want to do is sleep. sleep sleep sleep eat read sleep sleep sleep. Nights I can't sleep but I can read and daytime I need to be doing things but all I want to do is sleep, or play mahjongg because I can't play that game and think of anything else and i don't want to think so I I have to take some drastic measures and try to get my body on a normal sleep schedule and get some much needed things done around this house.  I will just have to put the laptop away...the number of hours I have played mahjongg this week is just crazy, insane, embarrassing (I tell myself it is my brain exercise....well, my brain is welllll exercised this week). I also tell myself I will just check my email....5 minutes on the computer.  No, doesn't work that way....then I tell myself I will play just one game of mahjongg, check the local paper online, check CNN sometimes, check the tv schedule, read some of my favorite blogs...and it turns in to hours so I have to get myself together.  Plus Casey and I seem to have picked up another stomach flu type bug. Yuck.  Or our nerves are just shot and we have queasy tummies.  Has rained all day and is suppose to turn into snow....oh you should see my carpet and floors.  Casey came over with her dog so the 3 of them have tracked in mud like crazy on my white kitchen floor and oyster beige carpet.  I got messed up and missed my antidepressant medication Saturday and Sunday and that is really NOT good.  i was already in the depression hell hole pit just because of the time of year, my dog dying, my meds too low a dose (but I see the psych in 3 weeks and she will raise it) and life in general and screwed up brain chemicals in particular so missing meds is not good at all.   Casey is reading the weather report off the internet to me.  Still expecting 10 inches of snow by morning and roads are starting to be closed in New Mexico not all that far from us so I guess the snow is moving this way.  Tx panhandle is suppose to have a lot of wind with the snow with means whiteout driving conditions, horrible roads, and big snowdrifts.  Not weather to be out driving in.  Stay inside if you are in my neck of the woods and be safe wherever you are.   I have lots I need to do this week so, after this afternoon there really will be no posts for a week or so but MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.

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