Monday, December 12, 2011

Max Has Passed Away

2000 - 2011

Max was truly the absolutely best dog in the world.  He started off life with a couple who thought they would breed him and make lots of money.  Trouble was they didn't really want a dog.  They put an ad in the paper after having him and a female dog for just a few weeks.  One of my daughters saw the ad and even though we had a schnauzer she thought we needed to go see this one.  After much begging from my children I told them okayyy, we will go look...(yeah, right)..  The couple who had him "just got tired of messing with them."  It was a cold November day and they took us outside where the dogs lived.  Hiding underneath some lawn furniture was this tiny little ball of light brown fur, just a baby.  He had so many dead leaves matted in his filthy fur he looked like he had been tarred and feathered.  They had named him Boonie because they "had to drive way out in the boondocks" to get him from a breeder.  The female dog they also didn't want was named "that squattin' dog."  These were not dog people.  My son, Trey, told me Mom, we can't leave that little dog here to go through life being called Boonie so we brought him home and named him Max.  I took him to the groomer and when she brought him out to me I said no, that isn't MY dog.  She said sure it is, we just cleaned him up!  Here was a beautiful, snow white, absolutely gorgeous dog.  Those people have no idea what they threw away.  He was the smartest, sweetest, gentlest, loving dog ever....and gorgeous.  He is the only dog I know that actually gave hugs.  He would put both his feet around our necks and press his cheek to ours.  He loved his family and had the greatest personality.  He thought his role in life was to let people pet him.  He never met a stranger and loved to go for walks.  He loved people food, the milk left after I ate my cereal, and going to a park.  He did not know he was a dog.  He wasn't just a pet, he was my very best friend, confidante, companion, hugged me through many heartaches and let me cry into his fur.  He brought me a lot of joy, laughs, love.  He gave me kisses and loved me unconditionally and you can't ask for anything better than that.  Rest in peace, Max baby.  I will never stop missing you.


KMOthus Art said...

You know that everything no matter how painful happens in God's time. As humans when we have a really terrible hurt as this one is we have to allow ourselves time and when enough time has pass we will understand the why.

For time is the only way we can ever see the glory in God's plan at work in our lives. Like a rear view mirror when you look back you will see Max passing was just his body his spirit will always be there waiting for you to hug.

If you need distraction I am talking about very everyday stuff today... Just follow the link

God Bless and many hugs Kathleen

~It's Just Me~ said...

That is a beautiful tribute. {{{hugs}}} and tears

carol said...

Thank you, Kathleen and Tish, I appreciate your words of comfort. It has been a hard couple of days. :(