Friday, December 2, 2011

My Max

This is an old picture of Max and me.  He is 11 years old and the best dog ever born.  He is the ruler of the roost around our home and is smarter than the average bear.   It is a very cold day here and Max just did something that is so funny.  He pulls this on me every now and then.  When he wants to go outside he scratches on the door.  Alot of dogs do that and that isn't what is funny.  When Max wants MY chair he scratches on the door...knowing I am going to get up....and then he runs and gets in the warm spot I left in the recliner.  If one of his sister dogs is on the couch in a spot he wants he will do the same thing....Max will go stand at the door like he is planning on going outside, scratch on the door, I will get up and open it and say "Max wants outside, who else wants to go?" and  he knows that Zoe will always, always go....then instead of him going out the door he will stand there, Zoe will push past him and he will run jump in the spot on the couch she vacated!  Once he gets settled he looks at me like "Good girl! I finally have you guys trained!"

Spoiled rotten Gracie

Max and Zoe


~It's Just Me~ said...

Wonderful Pictures! Max is so funny and so smart!! ^^

carol said...

Max really is smart and the best dog in the world.