Monday, July 18, 2011

What was the title of that book? post 111

I LOVE these bookends. They are geodes. 
Trey saw them in a store and knew I would love'm.
I wish I had a list of every book I have ever would be a long one! Typically I read about 15 books a month but I could not tell you what I read last month, much less last year.  That is too bad because I read a lot of really great books that I would like to suggest you read.  I found the perfect site.. .  It is free unless you choose a different option, and it is basically your own personal library catalog.  You can make it whatever you want...list what you have read and rate them, what you want to read, read other "real people" reviews.  On librarything you can see lists of people who read the same book you did, then you can look at their catalog and find other titles you most likely would want to read. I have 3 pages on this blog of books I want to read and I have been rating them as I read them....just started that page last week or so not many ratings yet. I am going to continue adding to those pages because it is convenient for me (no more titles I want to read jotted down on bits of paper that I lose before I read the book) but I love the librarything idea to see what others with similar tastes are reading. Maybe you have to be a list maker to get excited over this site but I am the Queen of Listmakers so it is right up my alley.


Anonymous said...

A really cool place you can start logging in the books you read is

Tammy R.

Carol said...

Thanks Tammy! I will check it out. Hope you have a wonderful