Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I don't think they understand budgeting

I am not a politician, not married to a politician, don't want to hang out with any politicians, definitely do not understand politicians but I think I am going to write to one.  Today I got a letter from the government.  Basically it said the census people have selected my address for a random survey.  I should receive it shortly. Please fill it out and mail it back.  Really? Why was it necessary for a government employee to print this letter, on government letterhead, mail at government expense, to tell me I will be getting a form in the mail and to fill it out. This is at least the third time I have received this same kind of letter announcing I will be receiving another letter from a government agency. I think we could make some major cuts right there.  Next, Mars. Do we really need to go to Mars?  We cannot take care of the people on this planet yet we spend billions planning to go to Mars. Really?  I could go on and on but it is way past my bedtime

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