Friday, July 1, 2011

Every Drop Counts

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We now have a volunteer water rationing order in place.  Odd number addresses (me) water Tues and Sat. Even #'s on 2 other days.   This is Friday.  I went out and looked at everything this morning but it sure was hard to not water my tiny little morning glories.  I am going to ask my daughter that lives with me to do something I did last year and I will start doing again.  It is a good idea year round, i just got lazy.  I have a bucket for each bathroom and the kitchen.  Every time we have ice or water left in a glass, don't pour it down the sink, put it in the bucket.  Every time you turn on the faucet to bathe or wash dishes and you run water down the drain waiting for the hot water, catch that water in a bucket.  You would be suprised how much water that is.  I don't have a small child in the house that could fall  in a bucket and drown and wouldn't suggest this for households with tolddlers.  I have my kitchen bucket on the counter so we don't forget.  Not exactly attractive but necessary so my plants don't die.  I have also started freezing water in the cups we get fountain drinks in and make 32 oz ice cubes to put out on plants likemy pitiful boxwoods. 

 I don't know if the water evaporates as it melts before it can sink in the ground....we will be in the upper 90's  - low 100's for the next 6 to 8 weeks.  What do you think? I have been putting the chunks of ice out in the morning but I guess putting them at night would be a better idea.   Do you have any other ideas for keeping my plants alive during water restricting weather?

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